The history of Seran is no small tale- so I will keep to just the current problems. There is a plague affecting the land, one that rots the body until nothing is left but a pile of wet flesh. Entire towns are dying out, despite the best efforts of those who would try to stem the tide. On top of this, the Scala'dun of Nevian is gearing up for war, at first just supporting bandit raids and such- but soon, they will make their play. There are many possible roles you could play in this tale, and we want you to craft your own story within the epic lands.



1. Respect Other Players. Regardless of whether or not you are in in chat or not, respect the other people you are going to be playing with. An in-game rivalry is fine an all accounts, but it when you start dragging some of that hatred into the OOC world that things will begin to get difficult. This rule does not follow the three strikes and you're out policy. If the owners or moderators discover needless disrespect based upon another players race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or any other factor that is causing offence, an immediate and permanent ban will be the result. While we realize things can happen in the heat of the moment, any repeal of the ban must be carefully considered.


2. All Effects Must Be Agreed Upon. Yes, we know- your character can control minds and it works 100% of the time. We've heard it all before. But in the interests of maintaining a friendly, free-play atmosphere, this isn't a thing. All magical effects must be agreed upon- however, this also means that you must take the hit if you're cornered. There's no magical way out. There are a few characters immune to such things as mind control, they will be identified.


3. No smut in main chat. Do I even need to explain this one? Just in case: If it involves your character's clothes coming off for sexual purposes, TAKE IT TO PMs.


4. OOC Drama. We'll level with you- life is shit. For some, it's more shit than for others. We understand your need to vent and if you have/need someone with an ear to listen then by all means contact them via a personal message, but please don't bring it into OOC or, god forbid, the main room. You'll find that people are more than happy to listen when it is convenient for them but if you run into the room spouting off about how your grandma was driving her monster truck and tried to jump the grand canyon and she crashed and broke her pinky toe, we will find a way to shut you up. You've been warned.


5. Seran Doesn't Revolve Around You. Much as the titles describes, Seran is a place for everyone to play in. Just because you created a character of some importance doesn't mean the the roleplay has to be centered around you. There will be times when others simply want to have a good time on their own. This makes it pretty clear that you must ask all parties involved whether or not they want to shift their focus onto something different. Just be mindful of the wants and needs of other characters around you and everything should be fine.


6.Your power is limited. You are not a god (unless you have been specifically selected), the child of a god, or any offspring of a deity thereof. This rule is concrete, and unless you can convince both Anduil and Karos, will remain forever unchanged. The most magically powerful person in Seran is the Kingmage- but even they are limited.


7. The Owner/Mods make the rules. Not you. We already know it is going to happen because it has already happened with other rooms in the past. Someone is going to get pissed because off because their character can't do something you think/say they can, or you can't play a certain type of character. You'll piss and moan about it not being fair and then you'll storm off in a huff. We get it, you're roleplaying to live out the fantasy you want to within the bounds of Seran. However, this is a world you're asking to play in, not one of your own making. Trust the mods and owners. All of them are extremely experienced with the world and how it works. We won't yell at you, but if you're consitently causing us headaches, then things are going to become very unpleasant.

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Skala'zaan! Well met and welcome to Seran, a land full of tales waiting to be written! Adventure, strange creatures, odd people, and more are just waiting to be discovered!

This is a fantasy based room and universe created by Karos Lyvan, Anduil the Rider, and many more! If you're not named and you've helped, please let me know and I will fix that!

The world of Seran is meant to be a shared realm- however, the official stories are being written by Karos and Anduil and will (hopefully someday) be published. No ETA on those quite yet.