Welcome My Dearest Guest.


This is the House of Pleasure, please give us time as we work on this.

(I own none of the following images and will remove if proper owner asks me too.)




Owner: Tanshi Moto.

Workers: Ranku Seina.

                Micheal Deschain.

                Sasha Bingle.

                Tino Miko.



                       Maya Nightshade.








The House is a place for the patrons to seek the Pleasure they enjoy.

Whether this Pleasure is in food, conversation, physical combat (though there will be no god modding or instant kills), or bodily pleasures.

We welcome all to come in and enjoy the Pleasures of the House.

We reserve the right to ban/kick all who cause trouble.







1) Tanshi and workers have final say in all matters.

2) Members of the group have reserved sections, message Tanshi to discuss getting the section on the page.

3) Members are served first.

4) Fighting will be moderated by Ranku, and he will decided the winner. This is final. Under no circumstances will there be a death match and all matches happen outside.

5) Tanshi's garden is off limits.






Tanshi's Garden.




Sasha's Corner.



Ranku's dojo.



Tino's Game Room.




Micheal's Bar.







Maya's Study.




Main Room.