Our rules are fairly straight forward, and follow mostly the rules of other rooms and groups. 

1. Respect 
is key here. Do not discriminate on any of our guests, staff or other room go-ers. This is a safe place for people of all differences. Listen to the moderators. Should you feel a moderator is being abusive of his/her power, please speak to Miralinia

2. Please refrain from excessive OOC. Judge the situation, if it seems like most others are in character, do not spam the room with needless banter. The Pixie Parlor is primarily for in-character roleplay. It is a social gathering spot for the characters we have created, not our personal life dumping ground! Once again, judge the situation! If most people are OOC, feel free to join in. 

3. A profile stating who or what your character is, is necessary when joining the chat. If you are new to RPH in general, don't hesitate to join, and we will help you, however, don't expect to hang around with a blank character profile for too long.

4. Please respect other players freedoms and liberties, and enjoy your own, so long as everyone does within the set limitations then everything will run smooth. OOC fighting and drama will not be accepted, and repeated offenses with result in a  ban.  Bans can be appealed by privately messaging Miralinia.


5. Do not post in-chat to a character who has not yet posted in chat. If someone has just joined the room, and hasn't actually made an entry post, do not consider them "in the room." 

6. After many, many hours of thought on this process I have decided to make this an official rule. If you are a worker here, or any relations to a position of moderation. One liners are absolutely forbidden. Give at least two sentences or show that you are trying. There will never, ever be a need for one liners as it shows you have no interest in being here or willingness to try. This occurs for only workers. Be advised, if you do one-line however, you will not be working here and most likely ignored in a general aspect. We are all here for fun and one liners show no effort, and thus no fun.


{Many more situations could arrive in which the use of a kick or ban is necessary, and the moderators of the room will ensure the upmost comfort of our guests. You are not subject to a warning or kick before being banned if your behaviour is deemed intolerable, in a manner of trolling, or of extreme offense.









 This multi-dimensional plane is accessable by many routes. Appearing as a small building with a simple sign. "The Pixie Parlor" and a quote underneath "All we want to do is play!" The door leads to a rather large interior building, sitting nearly sixty feet in length and fourty five in width.  There is a small set of stairs that leads up to more private rooms for the guests wishing to rent for the night, or those who live and work here. On the very, very top are two different rooms both at opposing ends of the hall. One is marked "Miralinia." and the other is marked "Sheena Harley."


The interior of the brothel is comparable to that of an arabic lounge, or indian to some standards. Pillows are everywhere, plates and goblets for food and drink. This multi-dimensional linked location is a place of comfort and safety and pleasure. The theme here is quickly recognized to bring joy or pleasure to each person's taste via food, drink, smoke or women! 


The beautiful wooden floors creak and groan with every step one might take, the smell of flavored *tobacco illuminates the area. Such leaves are of elvish nature and even more so, are no more harmless than smoking a human substance called cannibis. There is a small bar, which bartenders have access to a dimensional port, controlled by a djinn who is a creature of drink and fertility. Offering any drink variety to the bartender upon request. Drinks are free, all one is required to pay is simply being within the location and enjoying themselves.



*Each table has a small ramekin bowl of five flavors.

Each flavor incites a different emotion and a reaction.

Strawberry: Joy

Pink Lemon: Lust.

Mango: Calmness.

Banana: Mindlessness. 

Pineapple: Hallucinations

Devils Fruit: Physical Transformation based on the users desire.



The Power Behind the Laws:





Entering The Pixie's Parlor, you have come to enter a new realm altogether. The realm of a djinn! That is why such a large space fits in to such a small building. There are rules set in place by this creature. Godlike or not, when you enter here, you are restricted. Those wearing the golden rings (Moderators) Or holding the keys (Owners) are the 'gods' of this domain. You are in a plane of pleasure and comfort. What happens here is entirely up to you. One cannot be dragged here, only willingly can you enter. All those who enter this plane form a contract. Your "intent to cause harm" is limited and useless here unless broken by the djinn itself. This Djinn is powered by the presence of lust, love, 'merrymaking' and drink. This creature is the source of the endless supply of food, drinks, magic and so on. So long as you follow her laws, you're sure to have a good time!












Owners - Miralinia 

Bartender -  [Open spots available]

Waitresses -   [Open spots available] 

The "Pixies -   [Open spots available]

Manager -  Sheena Harley

Moderator positions will be given to regular employee's after some period of time. 








 As how the uniforms work. Upon entering the establishment or re-entering from one's bedroom. You are given a mental option to choose your style and as you appear, Zazan offers, complimentary refreshing as well as dressing so you never have to worry about making the dress, buying fixes for it. So don't stress girls! Just enjoy the ease of it and the freedom these clothes bring! 


The Uniform for The "Pixies" [Option 2] [Option 3]

These dresses were designed to express the body of a woman, how they move, their hips wiggle as they walk. Just watching a woman in this is more than enough to excite most men and women visually simply because of how it expresses their anatomy. So please, take a moment and watch. Our pixies don't mind! 


The Uniform for Waitresses [Option 2] 

Our waitresses may not be 'for sale' as our pixies are, but they still aren't something bad to look at. Still they're here to service you, not pleasure you but we wouldn't want them to be any less free moving or comfortable, would we? ;)


Male Uniform for Waiter/Bartender 

 Female Uniform for Bartenders

Our bartenders are our professionals who provide no sexual services what so ever unless they so choose to do so. These uniforms are professional, elegant and clearly states they are the ones who operate as the heads when no one else is around. But still, despite all the mouth watering views above, who doesn't enjoy a little class and color?







Job list/Duties:





First and foremost!

Our workers are to be seen an treated as professionals at all times and are to act as professionals. Everyone is here for a good time and fun. This doesn't mean everyone will be catered to fairly. The more you're known here, the more likely you are to get attention. Don't join and sit quietly all the time or you'll almost always be the last most wish to speak to. We are working to make this a fun environment for even the non-sexual aspects of the room, including drinking, eating and game nights. What this means is if you are seated and need service, please shout for a bartender or a waitress if you are not seen within a few minutes (a couple posts). 



Waitress/Server:  The waitresses at The Pixie Parlor are not obligated to fulfill any sexual deisres of any kind, and have the right to refuse service of any kind to any patron who seems to be too aggressive to rude. However, should this sort of situation occur, the better option would be to defer the patron to a more comfortable waitress, and through PM's notify one of the owners. The main duties and responsibilites of are to ensure every patrons needs are met - if there is only one server on duty, do not ignore other patrons - make sure everyone is well attended as best as your split attention can afford. If you are in the room, you ARE working, so get to work. Do not be lounging around with unattended patrons. Also, do not wait, for example, for a patron who has entered and chosen a seat other than the bar (if a bartender is present,) generally speaking, the waitresses should be moving between tables at all times, and attending the bar (talking to patrons, helping the bartender, etc.) 

The Pixies: The pixies are the one and ONLY sexual worker at The Pixie Parlor, granted they are NOT actual pixies, this is a name given to them for their duties and relationship to said duties. Ultimately answerable to the owners of the room first and foremost. The pixies are here to pleasure our guests and patrons by request. Obviously, these requests are subject to approval and denial by the pixie's alone, even though the process is fairly simple. No pixie will be forced to do anything they are not comfortable with/don't want to do. Each 'fey' will have different requirements based on their level of comfort, and what they wish to participate in and do, though be assured that smut is a heavy part of this role. Do not be afraid to approach and flirt. Pixies, your sexual orientation means nothing in terms of expressing friendliness or attention. You can deny customers but if you are caught ignoring customers because they are not your preferred gender, you will be stripped of your title and possibly unwelcome back because: first and foremost, you are a professional here.


Managers: The manager is a team leader. Not a boss. They are here to help the others, bartenders, servers, and pixies. They are capable of doing all three jobs as they have to be capable and willing to do so to take on a management position, this however doesn't mean they HAVE to work all 3. Once more, they like the others only truly answer to Mira or Tress. However, during the owners absences, the Management is who the others report to, only so the message can be reported properly to the owners for an ultimatum. Below the manager is the bartenders in terms of who upholds rules and maintains order. Otherwise they're busy tryin to get you drunk! 


[Only bartenders and managers will have moderation privledges when you earn the trust OOCly. These positions are earned IC as well, as you must be well known and mature enough to handle the responsibility of protecting our employees!]