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The story isn't over yet

Welcome to the vast universes of the Dragon Ball series, a series of power, adventure, and so much screaming. So now, we invite you to scream with us! Multiple universes, timelines, and forgotten characters are emerging, reviving, and you might be one of them. Join the adventure, and we might have a good fight.

The main cast is here too, from the most recent, to movies, and to branching parts of the series. The canononical heroes train on, waiting for the next fight, the next threat, and also because dammit it's fun. Multiple of the same character could exist at once, so perhaps things may get a bit confusing. Two Goku's... ugh, the chaos....

Upcoming Events: Zeno's Champion Battle

With a sudden rush of new fighters coming in itching for a fight, Goku has found himself on the receiving end of many challenges. Taking a page out of Cell's book, he's begun inviting everyone willing to a tournament of sorts, just to fight him. He's gone so far as to get Zeno involved, and they sure would like to see Goku fight more, spreading the word throughout the multiverse. His very own... Goku Games? No, does that sound right? Regardless, as more and more challengers line up, things are really heating up!


  1. Do not harass, or prokoke people OOC. Drama outside of story based actions is a bitch move, so don't be bitch, bitch.
  2. Godmodding, and being OP are two different things. Godmodding (autohitting, lack of reasonable combat structure, constant OOC to not lose, etc) is not allowed, and can lead to you being banned if done nonstop. You will be warned. To OP characters... just keep in mind your power, and wait for someone to get strong enough to beat you up. it's bound to happen eventually.
  3. Concerning OCs and other characters. Events such as crossover material will sadly not be included here just to avoid a conflict of views. This isn't going to become a versus battle room, despite characters from other series have had special episodes where they meet. You must either be a dragon ball related character, or close enough to fit into the series. If we have special events in which crossovers will be allowed they will appear in the "Upcoming Events" section, in which can this rule can be ignored during that time. Message an owner of moderator to get your character approved, or if you have any questions. Please be aware however that anyone can join the room to watch, and talk OOC. We're not going to kick you out, you just can't go IC.
  4. Fighting does not need to constantly happen. Training, conversations, inventing, worldbuilding, casual activities, etc, are all greatly appreciated. take some time off, maybe have a few people together for a gag scene, maybe set up ideas you have. remember, in a chat, even the main characters aren't main characters.
  5. If fighting is happening, and you're able to see it, don't just stop posting. Half of all DBZ/S fights have some kind of crowd commenting on the fight. Unless a God of Destruction is telling you to shut up and enjoy it, stir some sideline conversations.
  6. Let's try to keep the OOC to a minimum when actual stuff is happening. A mod or owner will open an OOC room if needed, so try to pay attention. If you decide to lurk here, we may need to make sure you're active, so notify the OOC room if you need to step away for a bit, that way no one loses track of you if you're needed.
  7. If someone causes issues, or is suspect to being in violation of any of these rules, notify a mod or owner. Not everyone has the bets judgment, and you might be wrong (unless it's painfully obvious, in which case bleh) after all, have you met some people? They're crazy. One of the owners has been accused of running a cult by someone that got banned. Weird stuff.
  8. Do not engage in anything explicit in the room, or intentionally create a sexual situation in a group setting. We're all adults here, but don't push it and make it awkward for everyone.
  9. Try to wait for everyone currently involved to post before you post in order to avoid confusion. If you don't know the post order, look at everyone that has posted between your last few posts and wait until they either exit, pass, or have posted. Rushing out your posts can make a mess of a scene.