The White Wing Tavern!

Setting - Medieval Fantasy 



Welcome to the White Wing Tavern! Please Enjoy Your Stay!


A place for all to take refuge! 


The Tavern is a few miles from the nearest town and serves people from all over! Inside you see multiple tables scattered around and a small bar to the right about a dozen feet or so away from the door. Past the bar is a set of stairs that lead up to the Bedrooms. - in all with a large Ornate Mirror at the end of the hallway.


Across the dirt road outside of the Tavern is a smaller house where Workers of the White Wing stay. 


Rooms to Rent.

 Rooms 1, 2, and 3. Single Room - Single Standard Bed, Small Table w/Chair. 15 Silver a night.

 Room 4. Master Suite - Large Premium Bed, Fireplace, Table w/ Chairs, Wooden Bathtub. 4 Gold a night

Room 6. Suite - Large Premium Bed, Table w/Chairs, Wooden Bathtub. 2 Gold a night

Room 5. Two Person Suite - Two Single Premium Beds, Table w/ Chairs, Two Bathtubs with privacy screens. 3 Gold a night



Current Employees!

Owner: Miss Annabelle

Tavern Manager: Ember Roseberg

Barkeep: N/A

Maid 1: Genevieve Trager

Maid 2: N/A

Entertainment: N/A




When you enter the Tavern you pass through The Barrier!




The Barrier is a Magical creation of Great Celestial Power. The moment you step through it you are safe from any threats that may be pursuing you. --IF-- You have a HUMAN form, meaning that if you look FULLY normal when you enter, than no one will be able to pick up on the fact that you are NOT human. No one will be able to feel your energy, aura, power, read your mind, what ever. If you have a human disguise than as far as anyone else knows you ARE human.

The only way for someone to know what you are is if you happen to have a Tail or Wings showing. Or if you just out right tell the person.

--THE BARRIER DOES NOT MAKE YOU HUMAN!!!!-- I hate having to keep saying this.


Rules - Must Be Obeyed!


1) This is NOT a Smut room. Open acts of Lewdness is not tolerated. You will be asked to rent a room and then Smut should be taken to PM.


2) NO ONE is immune to the Barrier Power. No exceptions. No ways around it. This is an ABSOLUTE rule. Any arguing about it will be ended with a Kick. Second offense is a Ban.


3) If any of the Rules are broken you will be kicked. Second offenses will result in a Ban! If you were not aware(wolf) of the rules than that is your fault. The Room Topic TELLS YOU to read the group page.


4) This RP is set in Medieval times. Meaning 476AD - 1453AD. This means no Cell Phones. No Guns. No Technology. No Electricity. If you post about anything Modern you will be asked to change your post and reminded of the time frame. You will be reminded ONCE! Repeating 'Modern' posting will result in a kick. Third offense is a ban.


5) While this is a Medieval Fantasy Setting not EVERYTHING is correct time wise. Certain Foods or drink that were not back then may come up. I do not know EVERYTHING about the time period. (No. This is not an excuse as to why you have a Pager)


6) And just to make it clear... No Time Travelers! I'm a Doctor Who Fan but I won't allow Time Travel in my room. Sorry guys.


7) Post Length! Please keep you post length at a Max of a Single Paragraph. Meaning 4-6 Sentences. Novella Posting is impressive but it is not tollerated here. Novella posting means long wait times for your post, longer read times for your partner... and honestly it makes people not want to post in when they see it. No arguing this. I don't care if it 'Hampers your creative Talent'. If you are truely as talented as you claim it should be easy to make your post a single paragraph. No one ACTUALLY knows what you are thinking anyway. The Barrier blocks Mind Reading.


8) Please, No trolling. Rping to just be obnoxious will not be tolerated.


9) More rules will come when I think of them =3 I'm the owner. Deal with it! -puts on shades- The Group page may change if I think of something else to add.


No I do not know how to code..