About the Room:
The room is for anyone and everyone that loves to roleplay. If you are new, old, experienced, or unsure exactly what RP is, you are very welcome in this room.  Roleplaying is  what brings us all together here.
The room is owned by Miyuki Dragunova. If you have ANY issues of being bullied, ridiculed, or see the rules being broken, take it to her or one of her alts, listed on her page. Screenshots are your friend in situations of reporting.
                                        Moderator Positions:
To apply for a moderator position, please contact the room owner and tell her why you think you should be a moderator. It helps if you know her at the very least, and if you have a complete profile. The more literate and unbiased you are, the better your chances at being a moderator. If you have ever had drama or issues in the room, whether you were in the wrong or the right, do not apply. If you have any issues with a moderator, screenshots are your friends and should be sent to the owner.
                                               R U L E S:
1. No bullying based on race, character, IRL traits, RP style, RP searching, religion, beliefs, profile, or gender. This is heavily enforced, you will NOT get a warning and WILL be banned on the first offense.
2. No Drama. Take it to the PMs. This includes attention whoring. All attention whores will be banned. If you are a known drama queen or attention whore, you WILL be auto banned as soon as you are spotted in the room.
3. No arguing with the mods or owners about  bans, rules, or the enforcement of these things.
4. If you do not have a basic profile, at least the header filled out, you will be warned and kicked.
                             Resources for RPing and Coding:
List of Moderators: