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NPC Staff and Prominent Students


Grand Master Marcus (Warrior arts teacher / general security) [Open Control] [Click here]

Okuro Malaki (Dungeon Master) [Open Control] [Click here]

Amora Achahtai (Headmistress) [Closed Control] [Click here]

Ezdach Kralitsa (Beast Mastery Teacher) [Open Control] [Click here]

Orlegar Mustafar (Librarian / Translator[Open Control] [Click here]

Maachah Rajni (Rouge Teacher / Spy[Open Control] [Click here]

Lierin Ernala (Mage Teacher[Open Control] [Click here]


PCC School Staff


Crimzn Wulf - Professor of Magic (In the first degree)

SUiBHNE - Guardian/Creature Studies teacher


The staff listed bellow may be gone.


Charlie Minx - History Teacher