When vampires came out of hiding, the Great War began. They gorged themselves and we dropped the bombs. Both the undead and the living chose to remain ignorant in the face of so much destruction and soon only a fraction of each race remained. A handful of human survivor camps remain in cities scattered across the Americas. Vampire hunters have always existed, but now they are the human race's best chance of survival. They do what they can do keep the bloodthirsty at bay, but will it be enough? The undead are cunning, some of them are organized and all of them are hungry.







Sunlight can kill a vampire, but it's a slow way to die. Holy items are ineffective. Silver is a common material used for weapons against vampires. A vampire will not heal as quickly from an injury caused by silver as they would one of steel. Decapitation, burning to death via fire or sunlight and the complete destruction of the heart are all fatal for their race.



As a rule, the older the vampire, the more powerful they'll be. Fangs are permanent. Blood is crucial to their survival. A vampire can starve for years without dying, but they will be weak, delusive and vulnerable. Mind-manipulation is attainable by those who have a.) practiced the skill and are old/ powerful enough to accomplish this or b.) they were 'embraced' (turned) by one with a powerful affinity for it. Most humans are susceptible to these wiles, but some, if trained, can learn to protect themselves against it. 





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