Roleplay Lounge is a big work in progress.

Intended to be a room where roleplay happens and in-character entrances, approaches and interactions are heavily encouraged!

The setting is currently under works, but a small, nestled away cabin deep in the forest on the edge of a large lake. The cabin itself is done up to accomodate a large group of people, and including a main lounge area, it also has free accomodation for rentals, living or one-nights in the room above, a small bar, fireplace and a kitchen big enough to host events.

The exterior is quaint - only a few feet from the beach, the back deck borders the water while the front of the cabin sits facing a sprawling forest.

Rules are simple:

1. IC is heavily preferred. Plenty of large rooms for OOCing, and we would prefer if it remains there.

2. No being an asshole. In-character is not the same as out-of-character, and OOC drama is not tolerated here.

3. No sexualized profiles of underage characters. This is an immediate ban. 

4. No Racism/Sexism/Prejudice of any kind.


Again, this is a massive work in progress, and will be updated throughout the week, and likely continue to be subject to change depending on circumstances

Proper group page coming soon

- 09/04/2020