Valeven is a fantasy setting, one that has technology levels up to par with the late 1800's Earth. Granted, this setting also has airships and other otherworldly features, as well. Valeven is heavy manapunk, meaning they rely heavily on mana as a source of energy. They also use a little bit of steam and coal,  but mana is still the primary.



      Due to Valeven being similar to the 1800's, technology-wise, the use of certain guns are allowed, as well as explosives and the like. If there are ever any questions about the setting, feel free to ask either Phayne or Vesis! It's a large setting, so not all bases might get touched on one little group page!








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Map of Valeven

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5/17/2015 - Had to swap to a new group, since Spirit was dumb and deleted the previous owner name. :|



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- Be civil. Don't be rude to newcomers and other members. We're all here to have fun!

- Check your drama at the door. We want to try and keep the peace in the group. If you have a problem with another member and you can't solve it amongst yourselves, PM a mod. We'll try to help.

- Any of the playable races are allowed. However, please do not use any "lore breaking" features for a character. For instance, a Geomancer would not be interested in destroying nature.

- There is a 3-strike rule in place. First strike is a warning, second is a kick, and third is a ban.

-If there is RP going on in chat, we will open an OOC room to use for on-the-side banter. Please use it if it's there!

- Please no smut profiles. Tasteful nudity images are okay, but sexual stuff should be placed behind a link, if they're present at all.


-  No blank profiles! These will be kicked on sight. If you need help making a character, PM Spirit!

- If there are ever any questions about Valeven or any of its denizens/history, feel free to PM Spirit or Vesis!

- Last but not least, have fun!


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