Guys Only Resort and Arena!


Hey! Welcome to Guys Only, I'm your guide and Host



In the Guys only resort you will first enter from the ground floor and into the lobby!

In the lobby to the left is the bar, filled with hard liqour and of course juices as well.


Next to the bar to the door is the main kitchen, the serving buffet is in the lobby as well. 


At the very back of the Lobby is the Front Desk, and along the walls are many table and couches to play games and relax.


The Guys Only Resort and Arena is about 5 stories tall 12 rooms to the left and to the right on each floor above the lobby. And of course your stay is free.


Guys only is a interdemensional relaxation location that every guy can take part in, it's lovely!


Behind the Resort is the Arena! Music, Sports, and anything is available with the transforming floor. It can be a football feild, baseball field, Boxing Ring, You name a sport we got the equipment!




1.) No girls allowed, automatic kick, repeat offences are a ban.


2.) Smut, Rp Fighting and everything else is allowed, just don't force it on people


3.) Absolutely No Trolling automatic ban for trolls.


4.) Profile must have content on it. (I.E. At least One Picture, Baseball Stats, and A Paragraph about your character.)


5.) When roleplay is active OOC must be kept to a minimum (I.E. During Group RP do not start and come in with OOC)


6.) Everyone is Equal, Mods and Owners are held to a standard of Decency and Respect. 


7.) If you have an Issue, please report to an Active Mod or Owner. If it is an issue that occurs in PM, we will not interfere with personal Drama.


8.) No Judging others based on Race, Religion, Creed, or Sexuality. All OOC Racism and Homophobia, and Discrimination will be delt with accordingly with a ban.


9.) Any OOC arguments will be resolved with a kick to both parties with a message telling you to resolve it in PM


10.) Bans are not Permanent Unless you break a site rule in our room. AKA Joke Names, Troll Names, Threats OOCly, Ban Evading.