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1—  Profiles are not a necessity, but we advise at least an image and/or some minor information. Otherwise you may find it difficult to find partners. If you need assistance with profiling, please contact a member of staff. We will be happy to help you.


2— Roleplay is the rooms priority. When people are actively RPing, Out of Character chatter should be at a minumum to decrease scrolling. Thank you for respecting your fellow Role Players.


3—   Though Bloom itself is a Fairy Tavern, you are welcome to RP in the "surrounding area"; what is there, is up to your imagination. However, respect the creativity of your peers please.


4— Any and all NSFW/Smut oriented profiles must be of age 18+. This strictly adheres to content pretaining to sexualization of characters. If it appears that the profile is for loli/shota/pedophilia content you will be removed with a warning. Second instance will be a ban.


5— That being said, Bloom is not an overly smutty setting, though it is allowable. With that, please be respectful of others in the vicinity and do not provoke or push your sexual/smutty RP onto other parties without their expressed permission.


6—  Spamming, Trolling, Drama, and all other disruptive forms of shenannigans will not be tolerated. Actions have consequences and reprimand will be issued per case and may result in a ban depending on the severity.


7—  Derogatory / Racist / Offensive Remarks are not tolerated. They will result in an instant ban.


8— No White Knighting. Please confer with all parties involved in the RP before you interject into an ongoing scene.


9— We suggest first, that if you have an issue with an individual in the room you block them. If issues persist AFTER you have blocked them, then moderators may intervene upon your behalf. However, if you have not blocked the individual you have problems with, you will be advised to do so upon Mod approach. IF the problem is severe, we will of course step in.

Bloom at a Glance


Bloom is located on the cusp of the fae realm and the mortal plane. A realm traversed by a multitude of beings. Be them demons, devils, faeries, spirits... the list is endless. Due to its locale and less than menacing demeanor, it has served as a safe haven for all manner of creature since its original creation.


Now under new management, Bloom has maintained its status as a safehaven and once again opened its doors to those who traverse the realm on the cusp. — At first glance, the faewylds theme of the establishment is obvious, though it can't quite be placed. As the more you visit, the more it seems to change. Boasting various elements of many cultures, it has established a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Bloom offers various teas, alcoholic beverages, food and tabacos all made and procured in house. Feel free to ask any of the Staff about their specialty and how they came to procure it.

The Mischievous Crew



Basic User Rights


1—  You have the right be free of judgement. No Owner, Moderator or User shall use the room as a stage to judge you for your kinks or creative leisures.


2— You have the right to a comfortable space. If users are provoking, or using terms TOWARDS YOU, that you are uncomfortable with; you may ask them to stop. If this becomes problematic, report it to a mod.


3—   You have the right to creative liberty. As stated in the rules, Bloom itself is a Faewyld Tavern, what is around it is up to you. You have the freedom to decide your surroundings outside of Bloom.


4— Using Bloom as a backdrop/Setting for you Character and Roleplay is a PRIVILEDGE not a right. Violating this priviledge will result in loss of ability to join the room. This includes slandering of any staff inside or outside of RPH. If it gets back to us we will be less inclined to allow you to use the space as it makes all parties involved uncomfortable. If you do not like a room, the way it is run, or the staff, you are welcome to go elsewhere. The same applies to all members of staff, if they are caught prattling drama about users within or outside of RPH they will be removed from their position as it is apparent they are incapable of remaining unbiased.