The Estate


The estate includes a rather large manor, bordering on being called a castle.  This manor includes three main floors, as well as an impressive amount of underground space.


The interior of the manor was worn, but still retained much of its charm. 

Hell. The place even has a reception hall. 


Eventually, though, it will all be fully renovated and restored. 


The thing about the place that drew the artist to the estate was what was attached to the rear of the manor itself. An incredibly large greenhouse. While many panes were either broken or dirty, she saw the potential contained within. With it being as tall as the manor itself, the sheer size was breathtaking. Stairs lead up to walkways and platforms level with the third floor of the manorhouse. No plantings remained alive within the space when the artist originally viewed the estate.


What It Shall Become

     The manor shall eventually become not only a home for the Artist, but shall also be a gathering place for those that wish for a place to come and relax. 


A fairly intimate lounge and bar area will be situated on the first floor, with pool tables in a room attached. 

The reception hall will be restored, and returned to glory. It will be open to rent for a multitude of gatherings, be it weddings, reunions, or whatever people desire. 

The main kitchen which accomodates the bar and the reception hall, for who wouldn't want the ability to fully cater any possible gatherings, is situated on the first floor.


The second floor houses a slew of private suites that can be rented for the purpose of sleep, or to fulfill the desires of guests.


The third floor will be the personal space of the owners. No others are permitted on this floor.


The basement is being left mostly for storage until further plans are made. 


As for that incredible greenhouse, the Artist plans to use the highest of the platforms as her new studio space. The other platforms will have seating for whoever wishes to just sit and view the plantings, and the pool that will be installed just outside of the back of the manor. No matter the weather, the guests and residents can still partake of the lovely water. 


In the greenhouse, amongst the plantings, the artist has chosen to install a large square made up on mosaic tile. Circular designs decorate this spot, and no chairs or benches adorn this place. Perhaps the designs mean something? 





 Some OOC guidlines for this room. 


First off, OOC does not equal IC. It is best to remember this. We will also not put up with idiotic drama in this room. 


Second, just don't be a prick and use some damned common sense, else you might get lead poisoning.