Balance. The struggle between good and evil is always in sway. Now it seems evil is winning. Zordon an intergalactic being has decided to he needs people to fight on his behalf. First chosen is a Bar owner Dorian Eden. Eden is bestowed the power of the dragon coin. Next is Ashley Williams Who has been given the tyrannosaurus coin. Marshall O’Malley not an alley cat but still useful is given the mastodon coin. Dorian is still tasked with finding people who can be trusted with the three remaining coins.


            Lord Zed the Emperor of Evil is the main antagonist with his putty warriors and either controlling monsters or coming out and facing the Rangers directly, will stop it nothing to kill the rangers and take the Earth over.

Group info: Here’s the gist. This is adult reboot of the mmpr verse a more fun version. I was fond of the original I grew up on it and I still like it. But it is campy and I think it can excel as an adult medium. Not a bad concept. So starting with the original set is where the story opens. When I get the roster filled and the group going strong I will start to transition to a more oc environment with new zords and power coins. If you want to play and the main roles are taken stick around become an active members if someone leaves ill fill the void with members who are active.

Currently available characters:



The Pink ranger

The Yellow ranger

The Blue ranger

Villains that are not campy, Notice Rita is not the list. That is because she is annoying and if you can do a believable space witch then by all means I’ll let you make Rita.

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- No blank profiles

- No OOC Drama

- No smut profiles

- No characters under 21

- Your face claim MUST be flesh and blood.  Absolutely NO anime characters





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