We are a Harry Potter themed room with the purpose of welcoming all witches and wizards associated with the Harry Potter universe. If you love the Harry Potter universe and have a character you want to use, you are welcome here!



Rules and Guidelines

[1.] Play nice! OOC fighting/bullying/raising hell will get you booted. Also, leave personal problems at the door; we're here to have fun. If anyone is causing a problem, tell the staff so we can take care of it. Only good vibes here!

[2.] Keep smut/heavy petting out of the room. It's cool if you find romance, but this room ain't for making out.

[3.] This room has no rosters, no taken faces, no set location, and no set time period. If you see someone with the same face as you, don't get petty; either find a creative way to interact, or don't RP with them.

[4.] Anyone with a Harry Potter character (OC or canon) is welcome, but understand this won't be a strict school setting. We highly encourage all scenes/characters, including Ministry workers, aurors, mercenaries, foreign witches and wizards, curse breakers, and etc. Be creative!

[5.] This room accepts all lengths of RP, and no one style takes precedence over the other. Also, be welcoming of new characters, because cliques suck. Ask the staff to quiet the room if there's too much OOC during an RP. 

[6.] Last but not least: we have no problem with anyone being in another HP group/room. This room is for any HP characters to use. There is no "loyalty" clause that "allows" you to be here, so come and go as you please!