Welcome to the Sanctuary tavern and inn


Everyone is welcome

An inn where people from all races can come and be safe from others who would normally do them harm. We welcome everyone as long as they keep the fighting down and try and get along with others. Fights can happen just please take it outside of the inn.


Food and Drink

The menu is not written down it is an order what you like and Rose will cook it up for you. She always has Pot roast, beef stew and pot pies going along with anything else that takes hours to cook like baby back ribs and stuff like that. She has every drink from around the world and can mix the ones up that need them. Hot cocoa, tea hot and cold, smoothies and milkshakes you can think of it and she can make it has it for you.


Around the inn

There is a forest around the inn. The walk up to the inn leads up through gardens and water fountains. Behind the inn is a hot spring. There is a hedge maze down the walkway through the gardens if you can get to the middle of the maze there is a sitting area and prizes hand made chocolates sit and are ready to be eaten. 


The rooms

The main room of the inn has the bar, behind the bar is where you may find Rose that or the kitchen that is located behind a door behind the bar. There are tables to sit at for large groups or on your own. And even a fire place with sofa sitting. Two doors in this main room lead to bath rooms.The rooms are up the stairs they come in all sizes, twin bed, full, queen and king,  rooms that have two twins and so on. The staff have there own rooms on the third floor of the inn. Each bedroom comes with the bed(s), desk(s), chair by the desk, dresser(s), A reading are with book case and a reclining sit with a lamp by the recliner. And a closet, the other door leads to a bathroom that had a tub of good size that was also a stand-up shower. Sink and mirror and of course a toilet.