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Currently this group is looking for characters from any of the branches of the Imperium of Man. Whether you belong to the Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Astartes, Ministorum, Tech-priest, simple imperial citizen, or what have you, we're looking for characters of all stripes. Current plots will be noted below along with what types of characters will best fit in these plots.


Please note that you can still play members of the Xenos races, but you may find it hard to find RP.


Also note that if you choose to be an Astartes, the easiest way you can be used in any RP is to be a member of the Deathwatch. That way its easy to explain why so many Space Marines of various Chapters are in the same location. I highly encourage all Astartes members to be members of the Deathwatch. Except for Grey Knights, of course.


This group is not a smut-based roleplaying group. Profiles with explicit sexual content are not allowed unless they are hyperlinked and clearly delineated as NSFW. We would also greatly appreciate if you didn't have an OOC section that talks about how "down to fuck" you are. An f-list or something of that nature is fine, though. In other words: Your profile should read like a roleplaying profile, not a sex ad. I don't care if you're Dark Eldar or Slaaneshi.






The Undying Legions: Beneath the penal world of St. Annard's Penance, an ancient nemesis stirs. Locked away for millenia in an endless slumber long before humanity was a sparkle amongst the stars, the Necrons finally rise from their slumber to reap a harvest of souls. Imperial forces need to deal not only with the foul Xenos infesting the planet, but with an unruly prison populace.


Suggested characters: Any Imperial. Especially prisoners. Inquisition can be used for pre-rise investigation roleplays. Deathwatch has an obvious place here. Also Imperial Guard.