Previously known as Silver Cain, the Kingdom of chains has risen from the ashes of Drama and  Violence to stand as the beacon to Depravity it was always intended. Ruled By EmberonCain, the latest in the line of the Cain family, the Kingdom of chains has begun.


General Rules To Remember:


1. First of all, welcome to The Kingdom of Chains. We hope that you enjoy your time here, and spend it wisely. The room is mostly a hub for roleplayers of all sorts to come together, create elaborate stories and adventures and just generally have fun.


Welcome to the Kingdom of Chains, a realm situated at the heart of a multidimensional hub, governed by the beauty of Her Highness EmberonCain as a center of slavery and debauchery.  Please familiarize yourself with the Group Page and the rules listed.


2. Keep OOC to the Silver Cain OOC. Nobody wants to be interrupted in a scene just so you can chat. That's rude..


3. Be courteous to the others in the room. If someone says no to doing a scene with you, respect it. The less drama, the better the room.


4. No Drama. We come in here to act out smut with a storyline of sorts, not to be petty. Any issues with another character are to be kept out of the room or you will be booted.


5. NO. VIOLENCE. I cannot stress enough how important this rule is. Whips, chains, handcuffs and toys. Sexual deviancy is welcomed and encouraged, but fighting is a one way ticket to a ban. Now there may be the odd hosted battle, but that is an entirely different situation. That could be seen as entertainment, whereas fighting such as simply attacking someone, is forbidden..


6. No God-modding. If someone stabs you, and there is nothing on your profile that can prevent it, we are not going to accept that you magically avoided getting stabbed. Deal with it. The same applies to power levels. Do not come in the room and think yourself the most powerful being in existance. Our mods, by default are going to be more powerful than you, and if they're not, they have the protection of someone who is.


7. Slaves are for sale. House slaves anyway, owned slaves must find a way to let us know they belong to someone, while a house slave will kept in cage unless in use.


8. No. Blank. Profiles. If you want to play, give us something to work with.


9. IC Actions = IC consquences. If you act like a douchenozzle IC, expect there to be ramifications .


10. 10. We let folks lurk a bit and get an idea of the scene, but we are no longer letting folks just sit on permalurk in the IC room. In the Silver Cain OOC room, it's totally fine. Reason we are not letting people lurk in the IC room is that it ends up with people sitting and just doing PM RP, and then play stalls out in the room.


11. As a review of the room, Non-con play is no longer acceptable. Anything in the room must be specifically Consensual and stated as such in IC




 Chain of Command is as followed-

Itachi Uchiha EMS and EmberonCain-King and Queen, respectively. and First in Command












- Given that we're all adults here, we have high expectations for you to behave like one. If there was ever a problem you have with someone else in the room, try to utilize the ignore/block button. If and when that fails, speak to an owner or mod to take the matter further.