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Welcome to the Gijinka Academy, a privately funded school for all various ages, for newly created, and experienced Gijinka. The Academy was made specifically for giving Gijinka a place to go. Many that have been forced into this life, were shoved out into the world with little to no knowledge as to how to adapt to their new lives. Some are escapees, which have managed to set themselves free from horrible experimentation. Others have no recollection of anything before their transformation at all. Whichever the case, Gijinka Academy welcomes all. We do not judge by personality or personal goals. Whether world peace, or world domination, it is not our place to decide. We will however step in, if our students are endangered in any way. These are some of the things you have to look forward to in the Gijinka Academy:

1. Ranked Missions: There will be a board in various places of the school, where a list of missions will be. Each of these missions have rank. Your rank must match the rank to the mission, or be at least one level beneath. These missions can range from something simplistic, like aiding the elderly, to something more complicated, like defending a town from a pokemon invasion.

2. Experienced Teachers: We at the Academy feel that our students must learn from those who have the utmost experience working and living as a Gijinka. The various staff hired by the Academy are usually very knowledgable about their own abilities, and the abilities of others.

3. Classroom Environments: While this is a school solely for Gijinka, it will still be much like the schools of humans as well. Many Gijinka are not welcomed inside of human schools, so we will teach them the basic necessities of life, as well as their powers as Gijinka. You will be working with other students.

4. Competition: There are various tournaments and challenges held on the school grounds at different times. You may issue a challenge to another student, or perhaps a teacher or other faculty member, and whether they accept or not, is their decision. During these challenges, you will enter the battleground, where the duel will take place. This is not a duel to the death, and will be watched over by a referee. Any attempt to maim your opponent, will result in a penalty decided by the higher officials. Tournaments will be held for students as well, which will aid them in leveling their ranks. Winners will not necessarily be the only ones to rank-up, as there will be a council to decide on who is most impressive.

5. Living arrangements: Students will be given dorms to stay in, if they have no homes to return to. Small children will also have rooms, but will be overlooked with adult super visions. Teenagers will be limited to male/female specific dorms, and adults, will be able to stay in vacant rooms of their choosing, with whom they choose.

6. Pay: Students of all age ranges will receive payment, whether from a bi-weekly salary, or from missions. This is to make sure that if our students should decide to leave the academy, they will be prepared for the world.

7. Open doors: No matter your situation or circumstance, we will accept you into our doors. Even if you decide to leave, only to return at a different time, we will gladly accept you, and pick up where you left off.

8. Safety: If you are in danger, you will be protected. We have many strong individuals in our staff, and we will be willing to protect you at whatever the cost.

9. Family Matchmaking: If an adult, or adult couple, bond with one of the younger students of the academy, they will be able to file an adoption report to the council, for a chance to become a family. Marriage will also be taken under consideration.

10. Human Interaction: While humans will not be taken in as Gijinka are, they will be welcomed. Trainers, as well as teachers will be accepted. If you have a personal distaste for human interaction, you may leave the area, and it will not be held against you.


Don't let these rules scare you. I typed them, how I talk. It's meant to be humorous and give you some laughs, while at the same time showing you that I'm honest, and I won't lie to you like a lot of others will.

1. Pokemon related characters only. No crossovers will be accepted. Sorry.

2. No Drama. This is not a room created to compete with other rooms or anything like that. It is simply an idea that I had. Please keep personal problems in PM. Even though a lot of people will start to argue in public, because from experience, that's how things are, you will be warned. If you ignore the warning, you will be kicked. If you see the warning as a personal attack, discuss it with mods/admins personally.

3. No blank profiles, please. What I mean by this is..Is if you enter the room, and there's nothing on your profile to even remotely hint as to what your character is, then we won't be able to accept you as an RPer. A picture is fine. If your Gijinka looks like a Vulpix for example, then that's okay. We'd prefer there to be more information, but you can gradually work on that. Other than that, if it's a very vague picture, or a picture that just looks like a random face claim, please specify what it is.

4. 6 moves Gijinka, 4 moves Pokemon. Since Gijinka are not trainers, they can't have pokemon fight for them. Thanks to their special bodies, they're able to learn 6 moves to use to their will.

5. No smut profiles. When we view your profiles, we don't want to see your character getting fucked or something like that. It makes people uncomfortable. What you do in your own privacy, is your business. Also, you may link nude images of your character in your profile if you want, but nothing involving sex. No cum drippings. No opening up the vagina or all that crazy shit. If it's not just a random bukkit-nekkit picture of your character standing there or whatever, then it's gotta be removed, or we'll get onto you about it.

6. No room smut. Perverted conversations. Innuendo. All of that stuff is just fine, but when I see your character whip his dick out and start flopping it around at some woman, I'll probably bitch at you. Do that shit in PM. Slap that bitch with it for all I care. Nasty.

7. Be considerate. If there's an RP going on. Try not to scroll the room too much. Chat it up OOCly if you want. Feel free. It's what it's for, but if someone is trying to have an RP and have to scroll up just to see the last post because you couldn't shut the fuck up about what happened on the last episode of Doctor Who, then you can get the fuck out.

8. Be careful what you say in the room. People on this site will hold grudges, and hold shit against you. Don't talk about your children or some disease you got or whatever, and then wonder why people are making fun of you.

9. Link spam, is an iffy topic for me. If you're just two people having a conversation and laughing about pictures, that's fine, but I don't wanna open up a room and see nothing but http://spamthisfuckinglinklolcatpictures.org or some shit.

10. NSFW links, gotta have a warning on them. Warn people before they click that shit. You know some people have trouble reading and end up complaining about it so be like. HEADS UP. THIS SHIT AIN'T SAFE.

11. Don't promote your room unless it's pokemon related. We don't wanna come up in our pokemon room and see smutville or slutslovedick advertised.

12. Have at least SOME familiarity with the games/anime/manga, whatever. If you played the first game? Fine. Let's play bro. If you watched the old anime? That's cool too. If you're trying to make a damn character based off of fallout 3, and give that dude some damn pikachu ears, that shit ain't gonna fly. Sorry.

13. Completed missions will be removed from the mission board. First come, first serve. We will come up with more missions, and will take your ideas for missions for consideration as well. After a mission is completed, show proof to an admin. Have another individual witnessing the mission completed, or show the last post to an admin so they can confirm the mission was completed.

14. Rank does NOT mean you're better. If you're a rank S, and someone is a rank D, and you get into a battle, you do not have plot armor. You are not automatically better because of this. Play the battle out, decide who will win. We will have someone referee if needed. I don't wanna see a rank D fire an ice beam at a rank S, and then he just side steps and goes "You're disturbing my tea." If your character is strong. Fine. But be fair. Common sense, you know?

15. The difference between OOC and IC. Take note of this and watch carefully. If your character is a dick, and calling people vulgar names and stuff. Clarify this with the person in some way. Don't expect them to just know. If they enter the room and you say "This faggot" or something. Give them a hint that you're in character. Show your fangs. Static electricity from your body. Flare your pig nostrils. Something. Give them a clue.

16. Everyone starts at the lowest rank. Rank F. The only exception would be is if you make a teacher. We want to encourage RPing, so you'll have to actually participate to get your rank up. Remember. Rank doesn't actually mean you're stronger than lower ranks, it just unlocks more things that you'll be do, as you proceed to graduate to higher and higher levels.

17. No Joke names! No Fakemon! This means that I don't want to see a picture of Patrick Swayze being your Greninja, or a two headed octopus named Squidwardish or some shit like that. And if the profile has a bunch of random, barely readable shit in it, I might take that for a joke as well.

18. Gijinka can not be trainers. You are a powerful fucking half-man/woman, half-beast thing, that can shoot lightning out of your eyes and fire out of your ass. You don't need 6 more beasts that do that shit for you.

19. Don't do any of that loophole shit. I can't stand that. And you know that some of you out there are like that. "WELL YOU SAID NO FAKEMON. BUT YOU SAID NOTHING ABOUT NO DIGIMON." Get the fuck out of here. Really.

20. You DO NOT have to be a 'school related' Gijinka. We can fit you in somewhere. The academy is a general area. Just try to keep it some what sensible. Don't bring your world destroying legendaries over here to terrorize a school or something, you know?

21. Please allow at least 72 hours to pass before taking on another mission. This is to prevent all missions being done by one person. It's not fair to some of the other users who want to participate. You may be allowed to do missions sooner, but you must check with a mod first.

More rules will be added as they are brought to my attention.