A room for Furries and Furry Lovers! Enjoy yourself and pleasures of the Blossom.

We are currently looking for Employees in various fields. PM Miss Beaumont if interested!

Various Positions are open! Also we are open to suggestions for Positions that need to be filled.

Things may be slow at first, but are sure to pick up given enough exposure to the room and group. Feel free to tell a friend!







General Rules:

These count for Users and MODs alike!


1. The rules are quite simple and should help you enjoy the room for what it is.


2. This room is made for smut, for Furries and Furry Lovers. Can’t handle that? Then you have no business in here!


3. The room is limited to a maximum of 2 Alt Characters! Keep tha tin mind.


4. Have a basic profile. It doesn’t need to be super fancy, it should contain and image and the basic info for your character. If you are new to the site and need help feel free to ask Miss Beaumont when she is available.


5. Drama. KEEP IT IN PMs. Resolve it without dragging the room in to your dispute with another person.  Your OOC and IRL issues don’t belong in the room. End of story.


6. There is no such thing as fetish/kink shaming in this room. While some fetishes are easier to ‘take in’ be mindful of others. Be considerate, don’t force your fetishes on others. Perhaps talk things out in PM. If you see something that YOU DON’T LIKE in an RP that YOU ARE NOT IN. Seriously… Don’t read those posts. It is that easy.


7. White Knights that are disrupt RP Will be dealt with accordingly. No one likes having his/her RP disrupted.





The Pink Blossom


If one does not know about what the Blossom is one would think it is just a very large Victorian mansion located in an evergreen forest, away from any unwanted attention. The mansion has been painted in a soft pink tone, which gives it its name. However on closer inspection the Blossom is a certain type of establishment.


The main building consists of the living and working rooms of the employees. Please be mindful of the fact that each room is decorated to the courtesan needs. It is here where you will also find the bar, which offers a large variety of drinks and quick dishes for your enjoyment. The show stage is also located in the main building.


In the annex you will find a wellness spa, a large indoor hot spring for your bathing pleasures. Various play rooms, decorated with equipment for your pleasure. These come in group and private play varieties.


The outdoor area features the garden, riddled with little hidden coves and hiding spots, who knows what you will find.






We are still looking for employees! If you are interested or have an idea for a position you’d like to fill, free to ask. It isn’t mandatory to be an employee or a guest to RP here. However if you like the idea you are more than welcome to request to be added in one way or the other. So expect changes to happen to this section of the group page.