Welcome to Freddy Fazzbar's Pizza.
 A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced.


This is a mostly Fun, but semi-private rp group for the Five Nights At Freddy's Game for RPH.
Group is subject to NSFW material, ranging from gore, violence, language, sexual situations, etc.
If you wish to gain entry, merely join the group. Once accepted, you will be allowed in.


Rules and Regulations

These rules are subject to change and update as seen fit to by the moderators or by the staff of this Group.

1.) All language should be kept to pg16 at best. This means absolutely no racial comments, character bashing, harassment, and general dickery that can be extremely offensive.

2.) OoC Discrimination of any type will NOT be tolerated.

3.) OOC should be kept to a minimum unless there is no roleplay going on in the room at the time. If there is roleplay, please contact parties via PM.

4.) No God-moding or Cross-RPing; that means you cannot just teleport into the room, kill, maim, or harm characters without the player’s consent or any other action that makes unreasonable assumptions about someone else’s character.

5.) FNAF's is a semi-closed rp group. This means all canon roles used in the current plot / as the room's set canon role for this dimension are to be pre-approved by staff and group members. If you come in with a blank profile, as a canon role, or as a staff role and start havoc without consent, you will be warned, kicked, then banned if the problem persists without the proper steps being taken care of..

6.) All profiles must be completed with character stats and information, this includes Canon roles, Staff member roles, and oC's. Blank profiles, or profiles with just a picture included will not be allowed. Canon name roles are required to have completed profiles, if there is no contact made prior, or even acknowledgement to the staff or admins, you will be issued a greeting, a warning, then kicked. 

7.) The site requires all users to be 18+ to access the rooms, so all players must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate. If you are found to be underaged, you will not be allowed in the room.

8.) Due to this being a pizzeria family place, characters of all ages are allowed. However, if you wish to take a canon roll, please contact Schmidt or Mr. Freddy for permission and information necessary. However, this means that all profiles should be kept at PG13 and NSFW images should be put under a very tiny thumbnail, or as a link. Tiny being 50x50 in height. (It's easier to just link.)

9.) Profficient grammar and English knowledge is required. Posting can range from script to paragraph form at times, which means that each post you give can either match, or be at the same quality as that given. This means capitalization, third person perspective, and profficient use of punctuation is required.

10.) Do not bring OOC drama into the room for any reason whatsoever. If you have an issue with another user, please block them, or alert a mod as to the situation. Do not bring OOC to IC.

11.) Any profile not made for 5NAF (This means any profile that is blank, a smutting profile, or a trolling profile) or is not at least is acceptable by the terms and usage posted by the staff, will be warned, then booted, then banned. There is a three strike system in place for lurkers, and we're not here to listen to you bash on the game or the team. If you're lurking due to working on an acceptable profile, that's completely all right so long as you alert the staff as to what you're doing.

12.) Moderation and staff have full custody of what happens in the chat. Should there be an issue for any reason, they have final say on what is happening and what actions should be taken. If there is a problem with one of the staff members, please let Schmidt know and it will be handled in private. Should a moderator feel that action be taken against a user involving a bannable offense, it is discussed between the staff unless it is a bannable offense listed here.

13.) There is a 3 strike policy in place for all users before banning is to take place. You are warned, you are kicked, and you are banned, end of story. At any point the staff is allowed to skip any step if the offense is deemed heinous enough.


14.) OC's must adhere to room rules. If you're told to leave, please respect that. Do not harass the players, do not harass the staff.


15.) All rp is to be in Third Person Perspective - any RP seen written as "I, my, me" for actions will be warned. This is not self-insert nights at freddy's.


16) You will not be accepted as a room canon unless you have a completed profile and you have been okay'd by the staff already in place. A picture is not enough. If there already is a room canon, you will be seen as an AU type character, or you will not be accepted as the room's canon period. 


17) Coming in to harass the users is a bannable offense. There is no question about that; should you come in just to start trouble, you will be banned immediately. Them's the breaks.

Character Creation and Regulations

Have an OC character you want to add to the flock? Well, here's a few rules that you should learn to abide by. Note, this means for canons, too. Put some character in your profiles! You don't have to follow exact game lore that's been shown, obviously, but all properly constructed characters are welcome so long as they don't force themselves on the other players in the room.


1.) All characters must be approved by staff prior to participating in roles such as Corporate (Business in charge of Freddy's), or official staff that has to deal with electrical detailing and such. Random characters that come in just to experience the place or as a customer are always allowed so long as no damage is done to the premesis. Cross overs are also completely allowed.. There will be multiples of each character, this much has been made clear, but that does not mean that you will be accepted as the room's canon character. These will be hand selected by the mod team through reccomendation.

2.) All OC animatronic characters are not allowed to be animatronics for the Fazzbear Pizza cast. There is a huge set cast already, any new animatronics will not be part of the brand Fazzbear product line. However, they can be in repair or being stored there during the closing times to interact with the others. Note, they might not be welcomed kindly by the main cast if they are troublesome or cause problems.
---- No sex, drug, or abusive themed characters are allowed in the room. Freddy's is a family based establishment, they would not, will not, and have not purchased, received, or found any animatrons that have been used for any sort of sexual or otherwise health-hazardous activities for their staff. 

3.) Unless given prior consent by the Canon players, your character is in no way related to, be built from parts of, or are rehashes of the canon characters. This includes Human!AU characters, original characters, or other interpretations. If you have been created as a sibling, family member, whatever of a character, contact the proper member listed on the cast page unless it is completely empty / open at this time, or edit your profile out otherwise unless you have consent from the room's canon or the other players involved in that situation.

4.) All OC's must have a fully constructed profile - this means stats, base personality, small history blurb, and a photo (optional, but there's enough images online for someone to hunt one down). Any without these will be booted immediately after being warned otherwise. Names are required to be filled out on this profile skeleton, no longer are we accepting no named characters.

5.) Smut is what RPH is built upon, though we ask that all such activities be taken to PM's as to not disrupt from the main play of the room, or to disturb the other players. If harassment is ensued due to these situations, all parties involved will be spoken to by staff for all screens and dealt with in private.

6.) Schmidt is the night guard. As such, he is in charge of what happens aside from Mr. Freddy. He has final say on what happens, and if you're told to leave get the hell out or else he'll let the bots have a snack. Follow these rules, especially if you are making others uncomfortable. The staff in charge are PhoneGuy (mod), J. Fitzgerald (mod), Schmidt (mod/room creator), and Mr. Freddy (Administrator)

7.) If you wish to instigate plot or story into the room rp, please let the staff know so we can discuss what's necessary. Do not come in as one of the dead children, do not come in as Vincents, Scotts, Jeremys, etc without prior consent of the staff and try to force your lore onto the players of the room. Ultimately, it is their decision what they accept or do not accept.

8.) If there is roleplay going on in the room, please do not constantly post to disrupt it, do not post "Hello" be it in ooc or not, do not interrupt it for any reason unless you have to BRB and you are in a group roleplay. 

9.) Customers, OC's, etc are not allowed to harm any of the animatronics there without the animatronics permissions. Godmodding and claiming x and y generally is frowned upon, and will be ignored. If you do not have permission to do anything from the player, do not assume.

10.) There is to be absolutely no unnecessary drama allowed in this room whatsoever period.

11.) After hours is generally when the Animatronics are allowed to have their most activities. This can be set for real time, or whenever the players want. This means, if they are out and about and the time is set to after hours, you are to follow the rules set by the animatronics in place. If doors are locked and windows are shut, you are not allowed in unless given consent by staff.

12.) Schmidt and Jeremy might be a rent-a-cops, but they are still cops. They can, and will arrest you. If you are cuffed and police are called, your ass is grass in prison, end of story. This is how it works in the real world, this is how it works here.

13.) Do not move characters without their permission, do not force yourself on characters without their permission. You are welcomed to pop in and watch, but you are not allowed to lurk on a smut heavy name. All NSFW images, for example, must be either in link form, or set to an imgur.com gallery. Do not sit and squat with gorey, or smut images.

14.) Don't fanchild over the characters incessently. It's annoying.

*All rules are subject to change should staff feel it be necessary.

Freddy Fazzbear's Pizzeria

Though the time frame for the FNAF first game is set in the late 1990's, the floor layout used is the same as the FNAF Second game, no longer a smaller establishment to allow more animatronics and character creation for the canons. 

Character and Canon List
All characters listed have been approved by Schmidt for interaction and room story canon. 
If you wish to be considered the room's canon, you have to ask for permission due to trolling.
All room canon requests have to have a completed profile, including stats, history/personality basis, and a photo.

Nightguard Security Staff

Mike Schmidt  Jeremy Fitzgerald Scott (Phone guy)

 All active Nightguard Staff Member rolls have been filled. Any other staff members would be either for the Theatre (WIP) or Pizzeria staff such as waitresses, waiters, bellhops, cooks, janitors, etc. There is no corporate office characters allowed without prior consent from Mr. Freddy or Schmid. Please contact the members if you wish to provide a character of this callibur. Corporate has a set base storyline with both Theatre and Pizzeria settings, so they must abide by those clauses if you wish to participate in the group at this time.
** "Purple Guy" has not been chosen just yet, though some have called him "Vincent" the room canon is that it was "Fritz" from the pink slip at the end of the special night of the second game, the name itself is currently not actively agreed upon for the canon role. If you wish to play as such, you must get prior consent from the room's staff (This would require a verification from all staff members currently in place) before actively taking this role in and being accepted.


Thank you!

Canon Animaltronics

 Animaltronics are almost always based entirely in the Pizzeria setting only. The Theatre setting is mostly set for the humanoid animatronics (Still a WIP) and can generally be PM'd or contacted at any time. 


We currently have almost zero members of staff for these roles! If you would like to become one of the canon roles for animaltronics, please contact Mr. Freddy or Schmidt for all pertinent room information that you need. All roles must go through a 24 hour (active, not lurking) trial period before final confirmation is given for the character role. Should the player be declined for any reason, feel free to ask Mr. Freddy or Schmidt as to why, and information will be given at the soonest possible time when either user is available for response.

Freddy Toy Freddy G. Freddy Chica Toy Chica
Bonnie Toy Bonnie Foxy Mangled  
Balloon Boy Marionette      


Human!AU Characters and Animatronics

The humanoid staff members were built under the suggestion of Scott (Electrician/PhoneGuy). The machina were made to pacify the customers after the first incident with the very first Diner when a child was viciously attacked and murdered. No bodies have been found since that attack, though the humanoid animatronics were shut down, booted, and moved with the main animal based animatronics each time.


The humanoid animatronics can be at either the Theatre (still a WIP) or the Pizzeria at any time depending on their players wishes. If you wish to roleplay with any of the staff here, please contact them and ask them which setting they would prefer, or read through any current posts in the chat at that time to understand which setting the character currently is in.


**Note, staff have been known to be in the room and tab out into other rooms, or work on other things to keep the room open or to garner interest in the chat itself for new players, characters, and canon roll claims. Sometimes we might not actually be actively watching chat, so please feel free to send a pm to the staff members if you see one of them is presently there in the room and ask if it is all right to post or which setting they are in at that time.


Thank you!

Freddy Toy Freddy G. Freddy Chica Toy Chica
Bonnie Toy Bonnie Foxy Mangled  
Balloon Boy Marionette    
The Staff
Donni Sanchez None  None