This is a place that covers all grounds of story arcs. Within this reality, there are many different worlds and universes. All are different, and they are all created in many ways. Everything that can or will ever be is within these worlds, inside time and space. These worlds are separated by the Realm Gates. Every gate has a stipulation to pass through it. Some can range from nothing at all, to a sacrifice. Over time, these walls that separate all of the realms have began to break. When another of one world seeks another, he can pass through the realms.  Amognst the stars and within each realm, all manner of beings exist. Which are you?                                                                                                                                                                                 

All arrive in World Xyeria. The Realm of the Kings. This is a planet that is made of all fashions of nature to accept all to live there. This is one of the largest planets to be inhabited. Explore, greet and become a Realm Guardian. All are welcomed, but if you come in violence, you will meet force by very powerful beings. 










 If those of a GODLY nature cross into a Realm apart from their own, they lose some of their godly ability. This is an effect due to the difference in the creation of the new realm, supporting another being or ideal of power. Those that choose to leave their own realm also forfeit the ability to remain unkilled. Gods cannot die. But outside of their own world they have no such amunity. And to manipulate the larger aspects of another's Realm, takes permissions and rituals of the highest order.    






Can you survive in the Broken Realm?


Want the rules???

Don't GOD MOD.

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Don't be judgemental of other characters.

Be respectful.

Any god-like character will be depowered within main chat area when IC. In PM do as you please.

There is no major story arc, so this is rp as you see fit.

OC's are the most welcome.

Yes, you can be pretty much any character ever made in any comic, tv show, movie, anime...ext..

Obey the Mods.

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