Things have changed. Please read!


Supernatural creatures are no longer welcome in the world of man. It was different when they could hide, when their secret could be kept. But the human world has moved past that time. There is no more hiding. And if the supernatural cannot blend in with humanity, they are not welcome.


Such was the purpose of creating the Glen. A small dimension in itself, roughly ten square miles, surrounded by a fog. It is always night here, stars shining as they did in ancient times, the moon far larger than would ever be seen from Earth. This dimension is a haven for the supernatural. A place where the eyes of man are not meant to go, where there is no need to hide. A place where the things that go bump in the night hang out and play poker, go for walks in the park, or get drunk and go cow tipping. Or whatever it is they want to do.


Getting into the Glen is easy. Getting out is nearly impossible. Unless you have a Card.


Within the fog, something lives. Something with gnashing teeth, teeth so sharp that they can puncture steel, or neutronium, or spirits, or anything else. Anyone walking into the mist without the proper protection will not make it more than a single step before they are completely and utterly consumed.



The only way out is with a Card. the Cards look like ordinary playing cards, but there is something special about them. They allow transit in and out of the dimension. Cards belong to who they are given to, and cannot be transferred. Except the Jokers. Jokers belong to whoever holds them.


Walking into the fog with a Card in hand leads you out of the Glen and back to the world of man. But only if the Card belongs to you. Any other Card, or any card, and death comes quickly.


All newcomers find their Card on their person. This card is non-transferable, and non-replaceable. As such, some groups have taken to using the Glen as a prison. Send someone in, destroy their Card, and leave them stranded. As such, many of the permanent residents of the Glen are... not friendly.


The Glen is a sanctuary for the supernatural. But it is also a living hell for humanity.


Sometimes, people vanish. Hitchhikers, children, drifters. Sometimes entire families just up and vanish. These people are the victims of the Glen. They are brought into the dimension and left to survive on their own. Or, more likely, to be the prey of one of the other creatures.


There are always 10,000 living humans in the Glen. And the humans do NOT get Cards. When one human dies, another emerges from the fog somewhere in the Glen, promising a constant supply of terrified people. And a constant supply of prey.


In the center of the Glen is Frank's Wild Years. Part bar, part pool hall, part hotel, the huge structure is designated as a safe zone for all. Violence inside is not permitted. This is enforced by a series of enigmatic creatures that serve Frank, the owner and bartender.


Rules of the Realm:

1. There is no way out other than with a Card.

2. Teleportation and other such abilities automatically fail once inside the Glen.

3. The Bar/Inn cannot be destroyed by any means, but can be damaged.

4. No one knows where the Cards come from.

5. Any and all mythos may appear here. There is no one right way to be a wizard, a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, or anything else.

6. Outside of Frank's can be very dangerous.


Rules of the Room (OOC):

1. No blank profiles: It's not as much fun to play with people when you don't know what they are. Going along with this: if a power, ability, magic, or special weapon isn't specifically listed in your profile... you don't have it.


2. There is to be no godmoding of any kind at any time. This is to include refusing to take hits, autohitting, metagaming or playing ridiculously-overpowered characters 


3. No blurring


4. Keep OOC talk to a minimum: this is meant to be an RP room.


5. Be nice to players, even if you are mean to their characters. You shouldn't be insulting people for their fandoms.


6. There is NO rule 6.


7. Please don't lurk. Come be a part of the fun.


8. There is an overarching storyline of the room. We'd like you to be a part of it. But we don't want you making sweeping changes to it, or to other characters. Please be considerate of the storylines people are playing.


9. Don't be an asshole.


10. Frank is the most powerful being in this realm. We may not know WHAT he is, but he is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to harm or defeat. Deal with it.


11. Coming into this room implies consent for being part of the realm and part of the RP. If you don't intend to play nice with others, please don't play at all.


12. Smut in this room is allowed. It is welcome. It can happen in the main room. But story comes first. That said, there are no limits to what sort of actions you care to play, save one: All smut must be consensual. Anyone violating that statute will be banned automatically, and without remorse.




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