Welcome to the Wizarding World!! We're pleased to have you! Remember not to perform magic in the presence of Muggles, if you could. Our Obliviators are short on hand lately and complaining about their long hours. Here, you will find many of your own kind, witches and wizards alike, as well as a goblin or elf. We're open to new comers!


We have a list of the Admin/Mods if you wish to contact them for questions or have a discussion!

Creator/Owner: Pius Thicknesse

Co-Owner: Sirius Padfoot Black

Mod: Narcissa.Malfoy




  It is six years after the Second Wizarding War that resulted in Voldemort's defeat. Many families had lost much as a result, but as a resilient community, try to rebuild with the help of a new Ministry headed by Kingsley Shacklebolt as their new Minister. Many new laws were introduced through the Ministry in the favor of Squibs, Muggleborns, and other Magical races. While most were celebrating this new direction of acceptance,some of the old Pureblood families believe it is the fall of their ancient ways. And as a result, there have been protests, a call to return to the old ways and prevent the dilution of their culture. 






1. NO DRAMA. We are all respectable adults, and I wish for us to conduct ourselves as such. If you have an issue with someone in the room, try resolving it yourselves. However, a Mod or Admin may step in anytime and resolve the issue themselves. We advise it doesn't come to this. In conjunction to this rule, this also means no trolling, no bullying, no spamming, no stalking in PMs, no slandering, and no god moding. 

2. NO SMUT IN THE ROOM/NO SMUT PROFILES. If you want to smut with a character in the room, please take it to the PMs. It will not be tolerated in the room itself. This WILL mean profiles with nudes in it or sexually explicit pictures!!! These sort of profiles will be banned instantly! However, showing some affections isn't totally forbidden. Your general kissing, hugging, snuggling and flirting is still allowed. 

3.  OCs! I only ask for some background to your story. When you make a profile for your character, ensure you give as much detail as possible, and do make it believable for us (please use plenty of references to show you know the world quite well). An OC may not be a crossover from another fandom! We only ask you stay within the parameters of the Harry Potter movies and/or books and not to reach too far out of it. The Owner's or Co-Owner's say is final. 


4. HAVE A PROFILE READY. This will mostly pertain to OCs, as it would give us an insight into what your character is about, what they look like, etc. Canons will be required to have at bare minimum, a picture/gif and/or background (as the character is already established in the Harry Potter universe). 


5. FIGHTING. While I doubt too many duels will break out, it will be left to the players to take responsibility for taking hits. If a dispute arises about another character's "god moding", a Mod or Admin may step in. 

6. NO OOC CHATTER WHEN RP IS OCCURRING IN THE ROOM. If we are having a rather decent RP going on in the room, I will open an OOC room for us to talk in. When we are not RPing, feel free to have general discussions.

7. NO CROSSOVERS. We do not allow the crossover of any fandom with the Harry Potter fandom here. 

Here's a list of the professors we will be having at Hogwarts, and assistants some professors might have. We also have a list of Ministry officials! 


Tanner Livingstone - Assistant to Hagrid

Hydra LestrangeDefense Against the Dark Arts Professor

Miyu Choi - Potions Professor


Pius Thicknesse
- Head of the        Department of  Magical Law            Enforcement