It all began with a vision.

A 'Dawn' of inspiration.

The world is in chaos. A plague affected the world and those that inhabited it, turning those infected into violent, deep silhouettes known as 'The Void'. These creatures, known for their humane or even perfected animal shapes have the ability to warp reality, speak familiar languages, shapeshift, and even become impervious to modern-day weapons.

Needless to say, humanity had no hope against these corrupted creatures.

That was, until a counter-weapon was invented by a Sage who perfected the art of 'Ether Tools'. These tools harness mystical elements trapped within the user's body and manifests them into an object of choice be it a sword, a gun, a solid object, or even your typical pack of chewing gum.

It's possibilities were endless.

He founded a school and handed down his knowledge to several young adults in a learning-type environment mixed with a Dojo, then disappeared suddenly, years after. Needless to say, it was a huge blow to Earth's last defense.

The school, now known as Mastercraft High, was taken over by its former student, who had abandoned her birthname and taken on the alias 'Akatsuki'.

The planet's sane population dwindled down to a few dozen. Some were still learning, and some were avid users of Ether. Only one thing is certain:

These warriors were the only ones to save the planet. And Akatsuki is the one to lead this retaliation.

 School Rules

"Listen up, because I'm only going to say this once!"

Rule number one!

This is an OC realm of it's own creation.

No crossover unless you're just checking out the group. Human-preffered unless negotiated.

Rule number two!

As this is a school,

( Though most, if not all of the students are adults ), you're to wear traditional Mastercraft uniforms.

This basically means a variety of black, grey, and red school uniforms.

The style is very flexible.

You can even wear it your own, unique way. Modifications or additions to the attire are accepted.

Rule number three!

Due to it's ability to shapeshift, all members are required to take on academy-exclusive alias to avoid a bad doppelganger situation with The Void.

Rule number four!

We have detention.

We'll use it for any behavior unwarranted by the staff.

This is common sense.

Rule number five!

A weapon in mind is suggested when joining the school. If you need time to decide, then so be it.

But I doubt you wanna fight a superomnipotent being with your bare hands. That's just suicide.

Rule number six!

We have dorms for you wishing to live at the academy. You may share a dorm with a partner, which is advised, but please keep the heated relationships to a minimum as far as that aspect goes.

Rule number seven!

Staffing will be evaluated and considered as seen fit. Until enough staff has been gathered to make a meeting, Akatsuki alone will decide who's earning said titles.

That's a lot of rules to know. Better take notes!

( Will add more as they come to mind. )


Staff positions