Story                                     UPCOMING FIGHTS: N/A


On the corner of a relatively unknown street, in an undisclosed city, there's a lovely little candy shop. It's known for a wide and colorful selection of candy. A sweet young couple run the business together, and love nothing more then bringing happiness and smiles to those who need something a little sugary to lift their moods. On the surface, it's a nice little establishment with a dismal income... The real money lays somewhere else entirely.


"The Candy Shop" in reality is a large underground nightclub that sponsors an infamous underground fighting ring. The local police department has turned a blind eye to the activites that take place on that lowly street. Down there, music blares, booze reeks, fists strike, strippers do their thing, thugs relax, and you live. Once you come down here, you give up your previous life for a few hours at a time. The place is exclusive, and not just anyone can get in. Once you do though, your stripped of your old name, and given a new one, an alias to protect your identity when you're just a random somebody up in the city. You're a Candy now, bitter or sweet. It doesn't matter if you're a drug addict, DJ, actress, fighter, thug, crime lord, hooker, stripper, waiter/waitress, bouncer, or homeless. Down here, you're part of a new life, and a new famil so act like it.


Run by the charismatic Pez and the irritable Warhead, The Candy Shop is a long standing nightclub that reaches out to all undesirables across the country. It's a large underground establishment that has a number of features including a well stocked bar, dance floor, fighting ring (Cold concrete slab surrounded by traffic cones), private rooms (For sleeping and stuff), bathrooms equipped with gloryholes (Connected to the opposite bathroom), and even a small lounge area to watch TV. Sex and violence is as common place as breathing and eating down there, and there's little to any rules. All members of this club, however, have five rules to abide to.


1.) If you fight, and the other gives up. Don't kill them.

2.) Buy some fucking candy on the way out.

3.) If you touch a lady, and she says no; back the fuck off.

4.) Forget your old name, you're a Candy down here.

5.) If the owners speak, you better listen.




 OOC Rules (You hate them, but we gotta have them.)


1.) Every now and then, the room will have big game fights. If you want to take part in one, let us know.


2.) During big game fights, if you and your opponent have an arguement, take it to a PM (Or talk with one of us.)


3.) If you're going to be an official member of the group, you have to have a candy based profile.


4.) Politics, religions, current matters shouldn't be brought up in the room. We don't want to offend people OOC.


5.) Respect everyone. (Doesn't mean you have to like them.)


6.) If you're going to idle or leave a roleplay, post an exit. 


7.) Try to make other people feel welcome.


8.) We're pretty lax here, we may have overlooked a rule. Check up on the rules every now and then.


9.) Fighting and sexual situations in character, will be a common thing. Don't come in here if this bothers you.


10.) Don't kill another player character's without asking.


11.) Doubles of candy are allowed, however, we encourage you to be unique.


12.) You can come in on a non-candy name. Only workers and fighters have to have a candy based name.


13.) No multi-character profiles.


14.) This is a modern realistic roleplay. Humans only, and no powers of any sort. This includes Sci-fi weaponry/items.




   Staff  & Members                     


Warhead (Owner / Room Owner) Pez (Owner / Room Owner)


Konpeito (Dancer / Moderator)


Cry Baby (Singer) • Licorice (Doctor) • Fun Dip (Bar Maid) Atomic Fireball (Fighter)