“The history of Albion is one that is constantly

reforged in revolution and blood.“




Enter a realm in which every choice you make could be your last, every word you say could decide your fate, every action you make could mean the end of another's life. Albion is a timeless land. It has seen every age. It has seen every condition. It has seen kings and queens, princes and princesses, dukes and ladies, laborers and beggars.


In a world of magic, of monsters, of legends, of heroes


What will you become?



Quest Card of the Month

What would Reaver do if he couldn't cause some kind of trouble? He's been at that Wheel of Misfortune again under cover of bettering Millfields. The King is too busy running a country to be bothered, so he's left it up to you to do something about it. Will you abide by the King's wishes and put an end to the Misfortune Reaver causes, or will you cover up for the sharpshooter and help him make his operation a little more inconspicuous?


The choice is yours...




Additional Information and Rules

Each Quest Card is a monthly RP scenario designed after the Quest Card system of the original Fable game. A prompt will appear here on the first Sunday of every month, and you will have the (very optional) task of choosing whether to take the path of good or the path of evil. RP in the room may be loosely based on the current Quest Card. Please see the Group Rules for guidelines on how to respect the RP going on in the room (if applicable).



1. This is a NO DRAMA group. Please leave your quarrels and issues at the door.

2. Please, only Fable-based characters. Both canon characters and Fable-based OCs are welcome.

3. The room may or may not have RP going on at any given time. If there is RP in there, please keep OOC posts to a minimum, or confine them to PM.

4. Do not harass other members for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: gender, race, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, or character choice. Conversation involving anything related to religion or politics is not advisable anyway. It usually upsets people, so just leave it out.


5. Duplicates of characters ARE allowed, and if there is any protest to this, you may feel free to leave the group. Just because you play a character does not mean you own that character (OCs excepted, of course).

6. While this is a Fable group based in Albion, that does not mean all characters are being played in the same version of Albion. As such, there will be no official group claim to anything in any town (such as houses, shops, etc.), BUT, if your character's story includes something like that, feel free to put it in your profile. I'm not saying no one may own anything in Albion, I'm just saying that it's character based, and the group will not be keeping an official list of who owns what. That will just get way too tedious.

7. Breaking any of these rules will result first in a warning, then a kick from the room, then permanent ban, if the behavior continues.



All of these rules are subject to change at any given time without warning or notice.