Space: the final frontier. This is the story of the horrors left behind by the Dominion War, and of the space station Deep Space: Lima Five Zero. Its continuing mission: to aid those displaced in finding new homeworlds, to revitalize shattered star systems and civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before...  




1. Although we are most enthusiastically open to general play, to have a permanent impact on the ongoing story arc, you need to register your character and ship stats (if you captain/pilot a vessel) on our ProBoards site, located here. Yes, this involves some work, but it's necessary for us to protect our set plotline. 


2. General play takes place upon Deep Space: Lima Five Zero. Shipboard play on specific vessels is done over PMs and the logs posted if said RP is intended to impact the storyline. If there are more than two people in a shipboard RP, it will be done in a private, passworded room and the log captured and posted by the person who opens the room. No log, no story impact. 


3. Julian Würger and Khan N. Singh are the room owners. As such, their abilities and ships will possess more capability than the levels allowed to those new to the game. Regular players who post on the boards and support the room can earn greater strength in this RP. 


4. Although this game is set in an alternate universe, all character types, abilities and powers have to have some plausibility in the Star Trek universe. Sorry, this means no nekomimi, kitsune, vampires, werebeasts, blatantly anime stuff... you get the idea. Such character types completely detract from the Trek feel we want for this game. 


5. If Julian or Khan tell you that you can't do something, that is to be accepted maturely. A respectful PM conversation is your recourse if there is a mod call with which you disagree. Blatant mod sass is grounds for a kick or even a ban. 


6. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drama. No bashing of other characters or rooms. No pulling OOC disagreements into IC. No lies, bullshit or agendas. Being a shit disturber is the fastest way to get banned in this game. Canon snobbery and trying to dictate how this game is run is drama. It will get you banned.


7. No godmoding. We are strict on this one. Severely powerful characters or ships that are played in a disruptive, destructive way will be told to tone it down. Characters/ships that are so powerful as to be disruptive to game balance will not be passed on the boards. If Khan or Julian tell you to dial it back, their word is final. 


8. No 'staff splitting'. Julian and Khan are a united front. What one knows, the other knows. Don't try to pit staff against each other. 


9. This is an advanced RPG. A certain amount of literacy and dedication is involved. Everyone makes typos, but if we are struggling to understand what you say, that's an issue. So is the constant posting of one-liners. Dialogue often involves shorter, quicker posts; this isn't what we mean. We expect, however, to see at least full-paragraph play outside of quick, 'flash-posted' dialogue. If you are posting one-liners ten minutes apart, you are either distracted and need to dial back the multitasking, or we are not the game for you. 


10. Lurking is only permitted with permission. OOC is to be kept to the bare minimum and no 'half-and-half' play (half IC and half OOC) is to be allowed. Prairie-dogging (that is, coming in and out of the room repeatedly) is not allowed save in clearly-stated cases where someone always has a poor connection. 


11. Beings from the Q Continuum are never allowed. The status of the Borg now has them so rare that they will only be permitted to players that negotiate with Julian, because their situation is now very complicated. As a general rule, technology and beings from the Delta Quadrant will be extremely rare. Also, such things as creatures possessed by Pah-wraiths will not be readily allowable. 


12. In situations where the outcome is random (examples: directions in which shrapnel flies, reaction rolls, opponents too evenly matched), dice are available to be used. They are to be used in severe moderation, and the only ones to roll them are Julian Würger, Khan N. Singh and Jake Morris. We don't want this to become a dicefest. Anyone else using them will be verbally warned, and then if it continues, a kick. 


13. No OOC homophobia, racism or any other form of RL bigotry. In character, Starfleet is a multi-species/gender/orientation team, and that means that other species will have different views on sexuality and the universe. RL bashing of any faith, sexual orientation or gender identity, race, military status is grounds for a kick at best, but much more probably a ban. There is zero tolerance for that kind of hatred here. 


14. No smut. We are not moderating language, but anything more intense than what is seen on the show needs to go to PMs. 


15. You are responsible to know and follow the above rules.