Welcome to Precious Gems! Within the Victorian-style building, one will find an elegant lobby, polished-wood floors complimenting a white, polished-marble bar. Escorts can be hired for a wide variety of needs, from a simple hired date to the most depraved of requests. Escorts can be noted by their use of a gemstone as an alias.

How does magic work in this universe?


Magic can be used by full-blooded users effortlessly, with concentration by half-bloods, and barely by humans. Once one has found the gem with which their soul and magic ability resonates, the gem will channel the user's soul into magic. This gem must be worn on the person or in an object they are holding in order for magic to be controlled.

Most importantly, escorts have final say on everything.


No blank profiles! A few sentences and a picture at least, please.


Please don't lurk.


No cock vore, Mozex. Or vore in general. Ew.


Don't kill anyone without getting the player's permission


Rule suggestion? Let a mod know!