Kingdom Timura
Timura is home to Humanoid and Dragonoid creatures alike. Here they all live in peace and harmony. But unknown to most, a dark force is gathering to destroy all that Timura stands for. Only the Queen and her loyal Dragoons stand between the Corrupt Knights of the Dark Army and utter destruction of the land. Who shall win this fight between the fources of Light and Darkness? Join, choose a side, and find out yourself.

Please be sure to tell your friends! Park in the room to chit-chat freely when no room scenes are in place, use it as a meeting lounge for PM RP, or start up group RP in public. Don't be shy, we're friendly. This is a roleplay group that attempts to have roleplay every day. OoC bonding is encouraged and necessary, but we are ultimately here as much for roleplay as for anything else. That said, people do get tired and have other obligations; don't take it the wrong way if no one is able to RP at a given time, just try again later.

The World Map of Timura can be found here. Please use it as a referance to where events are being held.
Official timeline

Pre-war: X568 - By this, I mean the time we normally have before the war an likely latest we get too most of the time.

The war itself: X571 - This will be the very start and would last 10 years.

Post-War: X600 - Some time after the war, after everything has calmed down. The corruption mostly gone from the land it once called home. Only remnants remain.

Pre-Beast war: X601 - Shanra makes her first public appearence since her release and threatens the land with war.

Beast war: X604 - This is when everything ends.
The war was harsh, bringing many deaths for both sides. In the end, good prevailed over evil. Mercy was shown, great mercy as most of the living knights were allowed to live free. Those that took the offer left to other lands and went into hiding. Some were not so lucky when they chose to fight on. Lilith herself had the evil within sealed away, memories and all of her magic. She was but a shell of her former self. Timura soon removed their barrier from the land, knowing that the great evil is gone they did not fear a major attack so suddenly.

Over a decade of peace, until an even greater threat emerges. A war between the Beast-kin and all. While there are those those that chose to side with the humans they have fought next too for years, their ancestors, known only as the legendary beasts favored by the goddess from the beginning. A beast long ago known as Tiamat started a war with the humans after their constant wars causing damage to the land the lived off of, bringing many of her kind with her to put an end to them. The Goddess herself stepped between, forcing the beasts into a human form soon before sealing everyone who followed her within their fortress for several melinnia. Tiamat herself was sealed below the Goddess' temple. Since then, the Beasts liniage of children have found ways to turn into the beasts they came from once again, the magic to change between soon became a natural thing for the beast-kin.

During the rise of the Dark Army, the stronghold they had took up was once the temple of the Goddess, the very place Shanra herself was sealed. The corruption had seeped into the ground and into the seal, weakening it and corrupting the woman within. Given vision of a great battle ahead, she broke free of her prison and roamed the land in the human form she was forced into. It took a year before she could break the seal around the beasts that followed her. Now she threatens the humans with another war, this time one that the Goddess could not stop.

The Code of Conduct

Please respect others and yourselves. This is the basis of all of the following rules.

Joining the group: All characters are subject to final approval by a Kingdom Timura Group Admin. Canon characters are somewhat discouraged, but are allowed. I'll try to maintain a list of people playing canon characters. If someone else got the canon character you wanted first... it doesn't matter. Multiple people can play canons. As this room is primarily a network and not a setting of its own, it'd be impossible to make everything work out with everyone.

Please spell and type well. It is better to wait another 2 minutes for a post if that post is considerably better and more properly written as a result. This becomes more essential the longer your posts are. It is easier to process a few mistakes if you type 1 to 2 clauses than it is for the same ratio of errors in a full chatbox or more.

Please respect a scene in progress. Occasionally the room itself may be used for roleplay rather than OoC chatter. This may be a somewhat rare event because people prefer one-on-one PMs. If you are joining a multicharacter scene that is already underway, please do not type up a multi-paragraph entrance message that is 95% how you got to the scene, and 5% what you are doing and interacting with at the scene. It slows down the room, it breaks the pace of reading, and it gives us little to work with in terms of how to integrate you with the story.

Please respect a scene in progress! This means do not enter by starting something irrelevant that is not going to tie in. There is a reason we are in a room, not just having a bunch of people PM to each other or you writing something on a text file and linking everyone. If a scene gets two groups sufficiently divergent, we will spin off a second room.

Please make no assumptions about the effects of your actions on others unless you know in advance that the specific roleplayer(s) involved will be fine with it. Similarly, be careful and avoid assuming inter-character relationships without discussion.

Please keep explicit sexual activity out of the main room. A flirt or a quip here and there are both absolutely fine, but let's avoid the room looking like a brothel. Similarly, though some sexual portions of your profile are practically to be expected - this is RPH, after all - your profile should not resemble porn when taken as a whole.

Please remember that in-character is not out-of-character, and also that both are not necessarily nice. Do not perform selfish actions for out-of-character reasons, and do not assume that actions taken against your character are for non-roleplay reasons. Occasionally consider bending the line a bit if necessary to more fully involve someone, especially a newbie or if someone has voiced frustration about getting to participate in the past, but only if doing so doesn't shatter suspension of disbelief.

Be chill. Don't freak out over small things. This is the counterweight to the preceding rules. We are here to have fun. Be cool, have fun.

Dragoon Counsel

Katrina Ridion - Holy White Dragoon

Corrupt Knights

Lilith Azo - Corrupt Knight of Lust

Xiao Venariona - Corrupt Knight of Famine