1. You must be 18 or older to participate in the brothel. This is also required for character play. Pedophylia is a crime and isn't acceptable in my rooms. Don't like it? Get the fuck out.

2. Keep OOC drama to yourself. Some in character drama is acceptable since it makes for good entertainment, but if it's taken to far and you've been warned I WILL ban you.

3. This is clearly a place where smut will be taking place, though that isn't all it has to be. There is a bar, a pool, and many other options for casual roleplaying as well. Don't think this means you can blow up the chat with what I call OOC Roleplaying.

4. OOC is to be kept to a bare minimum of quick welcomes, AFK's, and BRB's. This one won't really get you banned unless you do more OOC than you do roleplaying on several occasions, but it WILL get you kicked each time.

5. The Ladies (and Men) of the room can and will say no if they want to. Don't hassle them (Unless that's clearly what they want) or I will ban you so fast. We run a clean, dirty business here. They work for me because they want to, don't go running them off.

6. If he sees you doing something wrong don't argue with the main owner, he's an ass with a quick trigger finger and short fuse. If you have a problem with someone whose not a mod or owner please take it up with anyone other than Ludicrous first. If you are still having a problem and nothing has been done THAN go to Ludi. If you have a problem with a mod or co-owner go straight to Ludi and please if you could bring a snapshot of the problem that would help out greatly.

7. There is to be no less than three sentance posts. It really sucks when someone puts their all into a post only to get a one liner response. Come on now, be creative. That's what roleplaying is all about.

8. Staff is expected to treat everyone fairly, but sadly Ludicrous isn't. He's pretty fair for the most part, especially with his assistant keeping him in line, but if he's seen you cause trouble in other rooms in the past, he WILL keep that in mind if you start anything in his room. You will have less chances..



Owners: Ludicrous, Koyume, More to Come
Moderators:To Come.

The Workers.

Currently Hiring! Pm Ludicrous or Koyume to apply. Mostly in search of Brothel girl's, but other positions are open.


The manor itself is quite large, and thanks to a fun enchantment thanks to a helpful little witch, it's always growing and changing. When you first walk through the large double doors you enter the main ballroom like area. Here there is a bar, a kitchen, tables, couches, even a stripper pole. To the left is a door that heads out to garden path that leads out to the back, where you will find the ocean beach. Why? Because where else would be better to build a manner than the fucking ocean is why. Try not to be eaten by sharks, that would give the building a bad reputation. If you were to go to the right while in the main room you'd exit the building once more, though this time you find a hotspring. That is where I'll likely be all the time since that shit is nice. In the main room there is a spiral set and stairs that head up to several other layers of the building, though all of these are just filled with rooms for the workers to live in if they like. The very top is reserved for the big owner Ludicrous. Yes, he needs all that fucking space. Feel free to sort of impliment anything else you like in there since this isn't to terribly detailed.