Feudal Era




Youkoso~! This group is based on Japan's Feudal Era period and many other time settings before modern times. We welcome characters from all kinds of series; canon and original. But do understand that we have strict  rules about that, which will be set in another box bellow!


Season: Winter.





Here are a few rules we hope you follow for everyone's sake to a good and fun roleplay. As you may know this group is new, questions will be asked, so do not be afraid to talk to the mods if you have any. We won't bite. Well, San-san might peck your face... Thank you!

1. This room is a zero tolerance on drama. Drama outside of roleplay is not permitted. You have some sort of problem with another person, people or group you leave that out of the main chat and deal with it somewhere else. If it gets out of control we will have to kick you and maybe even ban you.

2. Keep things PG-13 people; this is not a smut room, take it somewhere private or elsewhere and do what you have to do. This goes for sexualized profiles, if you have pictures with grotesque sexual content and nudity we will have to ask you to change it if you want to stay in this room/group.

3. Sues Are Not Allowed. This goes for original and canon characters. If canon, play your character how they are suppose to played. If you are having trouble with an original character concept, please can ask around for help or take a look at the tips above.

4. Please keep OOC chit-chat to a minimum when there is roleplay going on.

5. Time traveling characters; there are strict rules involving this, just like the butterfly effect, you can only do so much in the past without it changing the future. Think about it. Also people from the future; don't be a complete idiot when it comes to going back to the feudal era. You should know better than that. Especially if you're from the FUTURE.

6. Do not whine and complain about roleplay. You want it, you find it. We will not force anyone to start anything they do not want. Simple.

7. It is only common courtesy to respect and treat others just like you would like to be. Do not pick fights with anyone. Being rude and snarky will only make things worse. The owners of this group are not your babysitters. We will not hesitate to kick and ban you for your foolish behavior. You are warned.

8. Characters from Europe and Americas are not allowed. This group is based off strictly Feudal Japan and Asia. Just because you have an anime picture of a girl or boy with cat ears that does not make you suited for this group's theme.




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