|| INTRO ||

Welcome to the Borderlands Room! Please, upon entering, make sure your boots have no blood on them. They stain the carpet! Here you will get to RP with others, including bandits, psychos, vault hunters, and everything else Pandora can throw at you! If you die, just remember the New-U System is up and running! Canon and OCs are welcome!


|| STORY ||

Storyline will take place during the events of Borderlands 2. Accommodations can be made for characters that have died, so no one's left out of the RP. This should be a decent point so all characters in Borderlands can be used or utilized, and also help include OCs as they may join. We can have it after the events of Sanctuary going mobile.


|| RULES ||

1. NO DRAMA. If there is a problem with another user, please PM a mod or owner. We can take care of the issue if you cannot handle it among yourselves. This also means no slandering of names, no gossiping, no threats, no bullying, no get the idea. Act as respectable adults, that is all. 

2. NO SMUT IN THE ROOM/NO SMUT PROFILES. If you want to smut with a character in the room, please take it to the PMs. Vulgar language can be used, considering the nature of most of our characters, but not actions. Flirting can be allowed.

3. OCs. Please consult an owner for approval. Before asking for approval, keep these in mind:

-Make sure your OC is made within the "believable reality" of Borderlands (Meaning 
no elves, no wizards, not all the classes combined into one character, etc.) 

-NO OC Sirens. No exceptions.

- NO RPing in the main room BEFORE approval by an owner. 

-Once their decision is made, it is done. Please respect this. 

4. FIGHTING. Battles will be watched by a mod. If a character decides to continuously dodge personalized attacks too many times (3-4 times consecutively from say, someone shooting directly at you), a mod may PM you about the issue. Playing Borderlands, you know sometimes it's hard as hell to dodge everything, so keep that in mind. 

5. WHEN AN RP IS HAPPENING IN THE ROOM, NO OOC CHATTER. The only time OOC chatter is allowed during an RP, is if a player wants a turn skipped or needs to step away a moment. 

6. DUPLICATE characters are actually welcome here since in game, you can have doubles. So no problems with that.