The world of Pokémon

When you hear of that, you don't expect anything more. A world of harmony between man and animal… or so we thought. As the years passed scientist in the Pokémon community had made a breach through in decade’s work of research. A new race had been born; no longer was there man and animal, but also humanoid-type Pokémon. These humanoid-type are called Gijinka, man-made experiments and or some even blessed with such a genetic transformation due to a mysterious power. Of course it was not an easy adaption to some, problems began to brew. Racism against Gijinkas started to spread. Buildings posted a ban against having humanoid-type Pokémon even step foot on their doorsteps outside, jealousy and hate festering, even inventors trying to design a Ball that would work on these new figures. Yet there's also something far darker. Shady organizations have brought forth the technology to force a feral into a gijinka, creating perfect soldiers for their bidding. The world is in a perpetual chaos. Gijinkas fighting for equality and otherwise, humans using their brethren to fight against them, and formed groups growing stronger. These are dangerous times. Which side will you choose?


Rules & Regulations

If you are unsure of something do not be afraid to ask a mod for assistance. We are here to help! Our group is not for the faint-of heart and easily offended; you are warned.

1. There will be no discrimination against gender, race, or orientations outside of role-play. This is your first and last warning, do not act a fool.
2. Anything disruptive, distasteful and or uncomfortable to our members will get you kicked.
3. Fakemon and non-canon coloration are not allowed. This goes for joke names and blank profiles. you will be kicked.
4. Respect one another. Leave any drama outside of the chat. If you have problems with a certain person take it to private messages to solve said issues.
5. Personal information. Please do not share or talk about your family, children, or diseases with everyone in the open. Ask yourself this, does the internet need to know?
6. Please do not overpower you character, yes Gijinka are allowed up to 6 moves, but everyone has a weakness. this goes for legendaries too! 
7. Our room has a plot, you are free to follow it or not. All are welcomed as long as they fit in the Pokémon world theme. You may role-play the group plot, the games, the show or the comics, go for it!
8. Mature themes. While sex and raunchy scenes are not allowed in the room (Take it to private, people. You know better.) gore and abuse will be.
9. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) profiles are not allowed. Be mature and modest about the images you pick for your character. Anything sexual will have you kicked.
10. Moderators are not here to baby-sit. Breaking any rules will lead to: verbal warning → kick → ban.

11. understand that not everyone is going to role-play all at once. be courteous with one another, if role-play is happening do not spam the room with Ooc chatter and links. keep it balanced.

notification board

Under construction: Trying to get things fix. - Jynx

looking for mods: I am currently looking for people willing to be as moderators for the group. messages are open. - Jynx


Constellation City -

founded by the first group of gijinka, an abandon city built from scratch up was made into a sanctuary. Gijinka no longer had to hide for they had found a home. Constellation City is vast metropolis populating over thousands of gijinka. Whether they were created, born or refuges from other regions, all are welcomed. Sadly due to bad blood humans tend to stay away from the city, a rare site to see one that is for sure. As for ferals they do not seem to care much for modern living. Like any other Region, gijinka or human must register their I.D Cards before entering Constellation City, a sense of security if you will. Afterwards you are free to do as you please, a long as it abides to the law. Attend school, work, own a shop, start a family; your new life awaits.

Interstellar Airport -

Interstellar Airport lies in the center of the city. 9 terminals can be found in the airport which planes depart to and or from the following regions:

C0 - Constellation
C1 - Kanto
C1-2 - Sevii Islands
C2 - Johto
C3 - Hoenn
C4 - Sinnoh
C5 - Unova
C6 - Kalos
C7 - Alola
C8 - Soon To Be Added

Outer Country -

One of the founders of Constellation City was not too fond of crowded areas so they took of it themselves to mold the land outside of the city. Acres and acres of fields of crops, lakes, trees and livestock run for miles. The only way to actually see stars above the heavens is to leave Constellation City and have a little trip to the Outer Country. City folk have even left Constellation City to life a more peaceful life here.



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Pocket Monsters


Here at pocket monsters we would love to invite you to our discord server. Rules, plot and other items will be displayed as you enter. Enjoy.

Link: invite only by moderators.