Yurihama Girl's Academy



Welcome to Yurihama Girl's Academy, an elite boarding school nestled in the foothills of Japan; away from public scrutiny. This academy is home to the best of the best; the elite students throughout the world. To be accepted, you must have perfect marks in acedemics, as well as be extraordinary in one of many extra-curriculars. You may be placed in either Windsong or Fireglow, the two dormitories on campus. Windsong is for grades 9-10, and Fireglow for 11-12. There are many different options for clubs and such, so take time to select a club and a free-period class below. Have fun!




Come on in, ladies; no gentlemen permitted. I would prefer if you had a high school character, but you can use an oc if you feel the need. Anything goes here [except OOC drama], so feel free to utilize darkened corners of the Library or roll in the hay at the stables

Please read the rules below before posting questions. ^^ No Mary Sues or God Modding

No OOC Drama No Men Allowed

Please be respectful.

Good luck and remember the Yurihama creed, "Achieve excellence in all you do!"

Any questions can be referred to Xae

Below are the clubs and free-period classes you may choose from:

Clubs: Kendo, Astronomy, Horseback Riding, Cosplay, Creative Writing, Tea Ceremony, Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Kung-Fu or Judo), and Choir.
Free-Period Classes: Drama, Art, Cooking, Fencing, Sewing, and study hall.

Please be respectful of other players OOC, try to use proper grammar and spelling, be detail oriented to the best of your ability, and don't godmod or create Mary Sue's. Every roleplayer is permitted to have two characters, however if you cannot manage both of them I will let you decide which to keep.

Have fun, ladies. I know I will. :P