1.) This is a room intended for Professional Wrestling RP, from WWE/TNA/ROH and other Wrestling Organizations; namely, Superstars of the "Recent Past," Present and Developing-Talent of the Future. However, Celebrity Characters and Athletes from other venues are also welcome. (UFC, NFL, MLB, NBA, Hollywood Stars, etc.) We only ask that you have an appropriately-fitting character to be in the room. --- OC Characters (CAW's) are NOT being accepted at this time. There are a myriad of dozens of Wrestlers from many different venues that you can choose from. Please pick one, or a "Celebrity Guest" to take up residence in the WWE RAW room.

(If you aren't sure who are acceptable as celebrities, WWE has featured, in recent history: Shaquile O'Neil, Snooki, Aaron Rodgers, Hugh Jackman, etc. Just about any sort of Celebrity is welcome. Just don't go bringing in someone like "Adolf Hitler". Trolls will be instantly banned.)

2.) The "RAW" room is essentially for "On-Screen" or "Kayfabe" activity. Matches, backstage-scenes, In-Ring Promos, Backstage-Promos and Brawls, etc. The "WWE Locker Room" is the "OOC Room" for this group. AKA "Shoot".

Feel free to act as your character or as yourself in that room. Acting as your character in the "Locker Room" would be considered the "Off Camera" aspect, where you drop your Gimmicks or Heel/Face Personas and just interact as normal, human beings and co-workers.

3.) Please Refrain from spamming Links in the RAW room. It has a tendency to kill the "Flow" of the room when people are in-character and interacting with one another. --- If you're intending to post multiple links, it is best kept to the "WWE Locker Room." However, 1 or 2 links every now and then in "RAW" won't get you banned.

If asked to, please move your links to the "Locker Room" alternative, and respect the Judgement of the Moderators and Owners who are asking you to do so. --- Likewise, if you have more than 1 person in the Chat asking you to stop posting consecutive links, please be respectful of their wishes and move it to the WWE Locker Room.

4.) People may "Cut Promos" or "Wrestle Matches" whenever they desire--- However, please make it known to the room if you intend to start a Match with someone else. A "Bold-Font Announcement" is the best means of doing this.

By this same token, if someone announces they are going to be Wrestling a Match, please be respectful to the RPers and move "OOC Banter" or "Chatter" to the Locker Room. Spectators are welcome to watch, and "Color Commentary" is welcome, but only at the behest of the 2 RPers who are wrestling. --- In other words, Color Commentary should only be done by another party at the request of the RPers "Wrestling".

4.) BE FRIENDLY! Say “Hi” when new people come in. If someone asks a question, THEY SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. Even if your response is just, “I’m not sure. Maybe the a Mod or the Owner can help you.”

Do not ignore people just because they aren’t “in your clique”.

5.) If you don’t like someone or can’t get along with someone, block them. If people persist in harassing others and deliberately trying to create drama or deliberately trying to piss people off, they will be warned once and then banned. We won’t have people making it unpleasant for other people to be in either the Locker Room or WWE Room. In Short “Cyber-Bullying” isn’t tolerated.

We’re all adults over 18 years of age on this site. Act like it.

6.) Keep “Adult Affection” to PMs. If your character is paired with someone else, feel free to be affectionate in the room. Holding hands. Arm around the waist/shoulders. Kiss on the cheek or a kiss on the lips.

Just don’t start making out, groping and dry-humping in public for others to see. It stirs up too much drama and makes other uncomfortable. What happens in your characters sex-lives should stay in PM.

7.) Posting PM-Logs in chat will earn you an instant ban. We’re not children reading each others journals/diaries for everyone else to hear. Act like adults. Obviously we can’t stop you from gossiping in PM’s, but don’t bring it into chat. Ever.

Roman Reigns



*Celebrity Guest*
Ronda Rousey

Money In The Bank

The Bella-Twins vs. Becky Lynch & Emma.