1.) This is an RP Group for Game of Thrones characters. --- Please do not lurk in the room with non-Game of Thrones characters.

2.) "Original Characters" are accepted, but must be approved by an Owner. Please PM one of the owners for Approval, before RPing as an OC in the room.

3.) Trolling is not accepted and will not be tolerated; on that same sentiment, Joke Names/Profiles are not tolerated, either. DO NOT bring them into the room.

4.) Keep OOC in the main room to a minimum when RP is in progress. We will have an OOC Room to accommodate regular, OOC Banter and Chat. Please use it when appropriate.

5.) Do NOT ignore people who are attempting to interact in an RP with you, or whom are asking if they may join in an RP with you. --- This is not a room for "Cliques" to isolate themselves and ostracize other people.

6.) On the other side of the spectrum for Rule 5, DO NOT try to force yourself into someone else's RP, without getting prior approval from the other parties to join their RP. They may be involved in a scene in which it's not plausible that your character would be a part of things. -- You need to respect this, and wait for a more opportune time to join in with them, or find someone else to RP with.

7.) There isn't any pre-set storyline that the group is following, at present. This may change in the future. For the time being, you don't need to worry about being excluded from RP or denied from the group because your character is "Dead" in the Canon. -- The best way to look at this is a sort of a "What If?" Or "Anything's Possible" alternate to the GoT story-line.

It's entirely possible you'll see Khal Drogo interact with Cersei Lannister, or Daenerys interacting with Sansa or Joffrey. -- For the time being, just interact, enjoy yourselves and be respectful to one another (OOCly, of course).

There are some basic RPH site rules that are enforced in Game of Thrones. If you're caught violating these rules, you will be banned from the GoT Room without warning and reported on the forum for the administrator to review. You can read the long list for yourself at the forum. We're providing the tl:dr version here.

1. This is an adult site. You need to be over 18 years of age.

2. Don't spread others real life information without consent. (Phone numbers, emails, Skype, etc.)

3. No OOC profiles in chat. You may have an OOC hub for your characters, but you may not create a profile that represents you, the player.

4. No child photographs in a smut-based profile. Even if they are fully clothed. Any hint of child sexuality (loli/shota) bars you from using a real-life child photograph. If you're not sure if that model is 18, then don't use it.

5. No sharing pictures of yourself in your profile. This does not specify selfies, so if you're in it, don't share it.

6. No troll or joke profiles. Obviously, this one has a lot of gray area. As there are simply too many troll and joke names floating around, we will ban first and ask questions later.

7. Creating rooms such as "The" or a single letter rooms, like "A" "I" or any letters, to annoy players with room linking.

These rules are borrowed/based from the listed rules on the Smut Asylum page, with our thanks for their permission in using.

What we have here is the Dice-Rolling/Ping Script. You will need this script installed in order to do Combat-RP in this group. The reason being that we've implemented a Dice-Rolling aspect to RP-Fighting, in order to give everyone a fair-and-equal chance in combat, and to Avoid God-Moding. The next tab over, "Combat-RPing" will explain the step-by-step process we're implementing for our Turn-Based Combat System.

In the mean-time. Here is your script.
Both players (Attacker and Defender) Roll 1 D-20 to determine if the Attack is successful or unsuccessful.
>If the Attacker rolls Higher than the Defender, the attack is successful.
>Attacker then rolls 1 D-12 to determine how much damage is dealt to the defender.

If the Attack is not successful (the Defender rolls Higher than the Attacker), the Defender can counter. The Counter will only do as much damage as the difference between the numbers rolled.
> I.E., Attacker Rolls 8. Defender Rolls 10. || 10 - 8 = 2.
> The Defender Counters and deals 2 points of damage to the Attacker, because 10 is 2 points higher than 8.

Regardless of whether the Attack was Successful or Unsuccessful, The Defender then becomes the "Attacker," and the Attacker becomes the "Defender." And the Above-Process is repeated over again, with the Attacker and Defender rolling to determine success, and follow the appropriate steps for that outcome.

Put into Practice, it would look like this: Successful Attack:

1.) Attacker Rolls: 10. > Defender Rolls: 8. (Successful attack)
2.) Attacker Rolls to determine Damage: 5. > Attacker makes Attacking-Post that is appropriate for 5 points of Damage.
3.) Defender makes responding post, that will affirm he is "damaged" by the attack, in an appropriate response that merits receiving 5 points of damage.
4.) The Defender now becomes The Attacker, and the cycle starts over from step 1.

Unsuccesful Attack. aka, "Countered."

1.) Attacker Rolls: 10. > Defender Rolls: 12. (Unsuccessful Attack.)
2.) Subtract the Attackers number from the Defenders number (12 - 10 = [2])
3.) Attacker makes a post, but will, in his/her post, leave an "opening" to be exploited by the defender. > Defender Posts, appropriately exploiting a vulnerability in the Attackers Post, that will merit the Attacker taking 2 points of Damage.
4.) Defender becomes Attacker; Attacker becomes Defender. The Process starts over from Step 1, again.

In the Event of a Tie-Roll (Attacker Rolls 10. Defender Rolls 10.) The Attacker will win THAT ROLL by default. The Defender MUST roll at least 1 "Higher" than the Attacker, in order to Counter.

The First person to deal [X] amount of Damage to their opponent is the Winner. Where [X] is a pre-determined amount, set by the two combatants before combat begins. (We usually recommend 40 - 60, as they're 'fair' numbers that afford both sides equal opportunity to avoid 'bad-luck with the dice,' and also aren't so high that they take forever to finish battles.)

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