1.. Discrimination is not accepted in this room of any kind. That means in how you play your character, what is in your profile or what you say in room. Racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia and absolutely anything that is ill-willed against anyone will not be tolerated.


2. OOC and RP are both fine, as long as people are not intentionally disrupting RP. 


3. Characters either are from DBD or can fit into the DBD universe, ask if you are unsure. Generally anyone is welcome provided they obey by the rules and keep to the theme of the room.


4. This is not a smut focused room, as sexy as the killers may be, please take any smutty RPs into PMs. 


5. On the subject of smut, absolutely ZERO smut orientated profiles are allowed in the room. You will get bonked by the No Horny stick.


6. Underage characters are fine, considering a few DBD characters are underage. But any sexualizing or pedophilia of underage characters will not be welcomed.


7. No one is forced to interact with you, do not force anyone into RP if they are not willing. Read the situation.


8. Harassment of any kind is not allowed. Do not start problems in the room, or bring PM issues into the room. If you are having issues with a person that affects your comfort within the room then contact one of the room admins.


9. Please keep political talk to yourself unless it can be spoken about in a peaceful manner. (We all know it probably won't be though.)


10. If you enter the room and start spamming links and/or messages you will get an instant ban.








This room is based off of the video game Dead By Daylight. Within this universe you are either a survivor or a killer thrown into strange realms and trials by an ancient being known as the Entity, where your job is to either survive and escape from the killers or to kill and sacrifice survivors to the Entity.


In this room we welcome and encourage creative liberties. Although you can play something as simple as running away from or hunting down someone in a trial, you can also play in alternate settings provided it does not stray too far from the room's theme.