The Inn of the Belled Collar is settled in the foothills of the Great Savahe Mountain Range, on a continent known as Pellirothos. Because it is a slaver's depôt, it is a brutal, violent place. The area surrounding it is a thick, deciduous forest. The Inn itself is extremely large, with a huge common area in the center, many guest rooms, kennels for slaves and other facilites. In the center of the oval-shaped commons there is a pit filled with deep sand, large enough for the dances of slaves, single combat or other spectacles. In the center of this pit there is a twelve-foot-tall pole with rings set all around both the top and center portion. The slave pole is blood-stained and pitted from the blows of whips. It is here that much punishment is meted out to slaves who are displeasing in some way.


This is not a place of Masters and their coddled pets. The Inn is a place where flesh is bought and sold. There are frequent sales, both private and auctions. Such auctions are held in front of the Inn on a slave block built for the purpose. There, naked chattels are paraded and forced to display themselves in the most shameless of ways as Masters and Mistresses call out their bids.


The Inn is heavily protected, warded and reinforced magically, because of its location so close to a very active volcano. There are no physical or magical means which can destroy the building.




General Expectations of Conduct



Before the main list of rules even begins, I want to make something abundantly clear. Inn of the Belled Collar is an advanced roleplay. It contains risks that are similar to the ones faced by player characters in tabletop RPGs. This means that your character can be killed. Your character can be enslaved, maimed, or some other form of harm happen to them. IC actions = IC consequences. If you are interested in having a completely 'safe' environment, this is not the game for you. To be completely blunt, participation implies consent. Don't have your character embark upon an action that is going to result in a consequence you can't handle.


1. There is to be no godmoding of any kind at any time. This is to include refusing to take hits, autohitting, metagaming or playing ridiculously-overpowered characters without clearing them with Kharúthmir, Julian Würger, Prince Sivesh or Shavrakh. Be advised: all of the moderators and co-owners do talk. Do not even think of playing us off one another.

2. Dragging IC into OOC or vice-versa is called 'blurring'. It's drama and is not going to be done in this room. Continuing after a moderator has asked you to stop is grounds for a kick. Doing it more than once will get you banned.

3. If you don't like another player, block them. Do not ask the mods to be your personal army for shit that went down in some other room. The co-owner names in this room cannot and will not be blocked. If we find out you have, we will ban you.

4. This is a roleplaying room, not a 'babble OOC' room. The occasional OOC remark is fine, but if it gets excessive, expect a mod to put the brakes on it.

5. No loli/shota in this room. Lots of rooms cater to that. This is not one of them. Your character has to be a minimum of sixteen to play in this room. 'Little kid' characters are not within the scope of play here. 

6. Regarding triggers, if you are being triggered, please PM a moderator and politely and maturely explain. If it's truly a serious issue, we will do our best to help. However, this room does frequently deal with nonconsensual chattel slavery and all that goes with that. You always have the option of blocking someone or not participating here.

7. All time periods, tech levels and multiverses are welcome here. Do not bash the fandoms of others.

8. The Inn of the Belled Collar is a very violent and sometimes unfair place, due to its nature as a slavers' depôt. If you come in here and show your ass, expect it to be handed to you. You can and will end up maimed, dead or in a collar here if you piss off the wrong people. Participation in the room implies consent. If you piss off a moderator enough to do something to your character, you will be shit outta luck. We have each others' backs.

9. There can be and often will be blatant sexual content in the open room. If you don't want to see it, block those who are partaking. We will not ask them to stop.

10. No bashing of other rooms.

11. While not strictly forbidden, blatant vore is not entirely desirable here. Nor are watersports, vomit, scat or other bathroom/filth-related kinks.

12. Furries and anthros are fine. Bestiality, however, is not. Tentacle/monster will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. In general, a nonsentient creature coming in to rape our slaves will not be allowed. This does not mean you can create a talking wolf or something and have him do it. Use your common sense. Also, cutesy-poo animal characters detract from the atmosphere we want to encourage at Inn of the Belled Collar. 

13. Final authority rests with Shavrakh, Julian or Kharúthmir.

14. There is a zero tolerance for mod sass. It is grounds for a kick at best, and a ban at worst. Simple disagreement is fine if it's being done over PM and respectfully. But being snarky or disrespectful will get you removed very quickly. Rules lawyering or bitching about how we do things in here is a form of mod sass.

15. Treat your fellow players with respect. That means you don't make fun of another player in the open room. Since we can't control what gets said over PMs, we will not become involved save in cases of someone PMing something disrespecful to one moderator about another. Then, see above regarding mod sass.

16. Blank profiles are forbidden, as they are frequently either really substandard, lazy players or outright trolls. It doesn't have to be all fancy, but it does have to be more than just the basics at the top. Same thing with over-the-top profiles with nothing but porn. We are an NC-17 room, but there is an actual storyline here. This is not a smut room. Plenty of those in the room lists, too.

17. Although I don't expect to see this in here, actual, OOC racism will be grounds for a ban. Likewise, there will be no bashing of veterans, active or reserve duty servicemembers or law enforcement officers. Another no-go is bashing someone OOC over RL mental health diagnoses. OOC bigotry/discrimination of any kind will get you raked over the coals.

18. Since the above rules seem not to be making this clear, I will state the following very succinctly: if you play like an asshole, you will be called on your behavior. ''Playing like an asshole' means more than simply godmoding or something. Playing oppositionally—in an arrogant, disruptive way—counts, as well. Anyone with a blue co-owner's tag is more powerful than your character, period. Anyone with a moderator's hammer is either more powerful than your character or is under protection of someone who is, period. We have these measures in place because people that come in and act like wankstains disrupt play for everyone else.

19. There is an overarching storyline in this room and all of the above is intended to preserve that and protect my regulars and their characters. If you don't like the above, you are welcome to find another room.

20. Don't make excuses not to roleplay out in the open room. If you want to sit and talk OOC, create an OOC room to do that. The main room is to remain IC as much as possible.


21. The preferred post perspective is third person. Tense doesn't really matter, though you will see present tense somewhat more frequently than past.


22. Do not null out plotlines with other characters without telling the other player that is what you are doing. It's completely disrespectful to the other players involved in the storyline. This goes double for slaves. We don't have 'velcro collars' at Inn of the Belled Collar. If you are put in a collar, you stay a slave unless and until your Master or Mistress frees you. Period.


23.  There is a time limit on lurking. Because we have had issues with previously-banned people sending others into the room to watch what we do, I am no longer okay with letting people just 'park' indefinitely. Also, seeing a room full of people with only two or three people interacting can be very off-putting to new arrivals. Half an hour is sufficient to watch play and understand a scene. Although I am willing to give some latitude to people arriving in the room for the first time, this is not to be abused.



Rules for the Free


1. Masters/Mistresses/Freefolk are always welcome to enter at will.


2. If you have a slave or slaves that you want reserved to your use only, please have them place something in their profile to indicate this. Otherwise they very well may be ordered to serve others.


3. If you play as royalty/nobility/other high rank, do please understand that the local royalty and nobility (King Shavrakh, Archon Kharúthmir, Prince Sivesh) do not have to recognize any foreign authority.


4. Although this room is set up for people to know that play equals consent, respect other players. No one likes to have a character they have busted their ass to create killed off or maimed at the whim of another player. It is strongly recommended that you PM a slave you intend to permanently affect before doing so. That avoids having to get mods involved in disputes.


5. That said, please understand that certain characters, generally co-owners or moderators, can affect your character. This is something done only under extreme circumstances, such as blatant godmoding, oppositional play or other severe ass-hattery.


6. Don't be a douchebag.


Rules for Slaves


1. Slaves may enter diffidently and humbly. It is best, however, if you ask for permission to so much as enter the Inn of the Belled Collar. Unless at the behest of a master, a slave does not use the barstools, chairs or tables. There is a space with thick furs and cushions for a slave to take their ease.


2. At any time, any slave may be summoned to the service of a master. Unless the slave's collar (profile) has a marking indicating that their use is reserved to a specific owner, slaves are free game for everything from the bringing of a beverage to the giving of the most deliciously-salacious of pleasures.


3. Slaves will treat the Free with respect. The terms 'Sir', Ma'am'. 'Master', 'Mistress' or the like are to be used unless specifically requested otherwise by the Master or Mistress in question. Defiance will be met with punishment.


4. See above regarding slaves being punished. Entrance to the Inn of the Belled Collar implies consent. If you play a mouthy 'brat' slave that doesn't respect boundaries or pops off to the free, your slave will be whipped or worse.


5. The servery and slave furs where slaves may take their rest, eat, and await the orders of the free are deep within the Inn, to the left of the bar and in a low, recessed area. Slaves may serve themselves from the foods and beverages at the servery, but will be expected to break off their own activities when summoned by the Free. To dally or refuse means severe punishment.