One would have assumed that such a town as Storybrooke would be safe, protected as it was from any outside force, but even the most secure of places are never guarded from the corruption that festers within. 

Everyone thought that after being cursed for a second time and the battle of Regina’s sister, Zelena who was the true face of evil, that there would have been a respite for the fairy tale characters. The whole ordeal with evil is, that evil never rests, and unfortunately that means neither does good. 

When Emma Swan and Captain Killian Hook had been thrown for a loop through time back to the Enchanted forest where Emma’s parents, Snow White and Prince Charming, had first encountered each other, their journey home was far from simple. 

When the rift between the present and the past was opened, an artifact that the Wicked Witch of the East had used to cast the spell to travel backwards in time had been inadvertently released from it’s stasis.

That simple, blue bottle held more power than anyone could have ever imagined and it had now been unfettered into Storybrooke’s world. 

One thing is for sure…Winter is coming to Storybrooke.

What does that mean for the simple, yet complicated denizens of this otherwordly town that proved evil is only a name and that sometimes even the most pure of hearts can become black and the most black of hearts could become pristine? 

Between the mishaps of characters disappearing after the setting sun and the roads misting over with frost, will anything be able to thaw the ice that will either bring destruction or salvation and can the mystery of beloved allies and family be brought to fruition? 

It will be up to the Savior and her friends to recitfy any situation they face, because in the end, love and good always prevail.


The Enchanted Forest, set deep in
the heart of the realm where magic
is real and home to people you may
have read about in books. Those Fairy Tales your mother and father told you
are true; Snow White, Prince Charming,
The Evil Queen, Rumplestiltskin,
Belle, The Little Mermaid. You've heard those names before? Now see and learn about where they live. Also known as Fairy Tale Land, The Enchanted Forest is a place where anything can happen. Fairies grant wishes, magic beans can open portals to another world, and knights-in-shining armor really do exist.


Maine is mostly known for it's magnificent scenery and wonderful wildlife, which appeals to a wide sense of wonder to any of the population, but in the depths of a forest, on a road that barely anyone traverses there lays a town unmarked on any map. Unknown from many navigators, this town is shrouded from the prying eyes of anyone that might succumb to the eagerness of venturing forward. Storybrooke, Maine is not any typical or ordinary town. Cursed by the vengeance of a dark Witch, the characters that are usually read about in books or told in stories are alive, living and breathing in a world where magic should not exist. That was until a certain enigmatic Imp of Anarchy released it onto Earth. 

Within Storybrooke, there is no average mortal. Every person has their own tale to tell, their own pain and sorrows that they harbor, and while some have been brought to the light, there are still so
many secrets lurking in the shadows.


Belle                                                   Merlin
Ariel                                              The Devil
Emma                                         Jack Frost
Regina                                   Puss-in-Boots
David                                       Bloody Mary
Dark Emma                         Peter Pevensie
Ruby                                    Aeryn Wenrich
Elsa                                          Lady Selene
Anna                                                Melody
Maleficent                                       Megara 
Mulan                                                   Scar

Sleeping Beauty                                  Kiara
Tinkerbell                                          Odette
Wendy Darling                                   Derek
Peter Pan                               John Darling 
Will Scarlet


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2. Absolutely No Drama. Keep OOC issues to PM.

3. If an owner/mod ask you to do something, listen. Unless overruled by Ariel. Leave the room otherwise.

4. Joke/troll profiles are not tolerated. One warning and then a ban.

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6. No homophobic, racial, or sexist criticizing, and especially no critiquing of other's RP style. It is not condoned.

7. No Smut. (Some people find it Distasteful, PM only.) 

8. There will be an OOC room (OUAT OOC) when RP is in progress. During RP, OOC banter is strictly a no.

9. No selective RP (You're in a room with others. Acknowledge all. Will be enforced completely)

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11. Characters, Canon and Non-Canon, need to be approved before enterting the group. OC's are played case by case.

12. Each person is permitted two canon characters and two OC's.

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 "It's how you know you really got a home..."                                                     "When you leave it there's this feeling you can't shake..."

                                                                                                                                                        "You just miss it."