Nestled in the cliffs of Isla Galeón is the Island resort GOO. We want what you have always wanted: a place for girls to have a comfortable retreat in an environment that is stable and based on friendship and caring for our guests. That’s been our mission for nearly three years now from when we broke ground on this state-of-the-art facility to this very moment. My name is Shya, and I’ll be your host on your stay along side my life partner Shayn. She’ll get pissed if I don’t mention she’s my girlfriend, and she is. We both vow that your stay here will be as comfortable as we can make. And if it isn’t, you need to tell us what we can do to make your stay better. We vow that you will be taken seriously if you have any concerns you wish to bring to our attention, and wish you only the best stay at Girls Only Original. Girls Only Original does not discriminate based on social status or sexual proclivity except to say we cater exclusively to women.
Our lounge is stocked with the finest beverages from throughout the world and several others to be sure. From exotic Imperia
Vodka of the calibre never exported from Russia to the Blood Elven M’Cania Broadwine, we stock it all. We’re also home to one of the best stocked and most sophisticated cooking facilities found anywhere. From the automated food preparation systems to the walk in pantries so you can make your own, the facilities of Girls Only Original are sure to satisfy any need. We are always looking for new and motivated staff to help us keep the lounge moving forward comfortably, feel free to speak to Shya or Shayn about joining the service team. Otherwise, please let us know what we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.

The lounge is situated around a large circular bar at the center of the room. The outside of the circular room is lined with a wall of couches and tinted window just above them to allow guests to look at the beautiful Seraph Bay spilling up to our immaculate beaches. The kitchen is located on the far side of the room, not far from the bank of elevators taking guests into the resort proper and the countless rooms of the facility. The entryway to the whole resort feeds into the lounge, so the front desk is not far from the bar and is always staffed by Karen (NPC) who is more than happy to assist you in your stay. GOO is equipped with a bank of portals in the ante chamber, feeding the numerous multiverses that come to stay in our island paradise.
The Seraphim Hot Spring feeds our underground grotto just beneath the lounge. Guests are encouraged to enjoy themselves in our timeless volcanic hot spring that is warm year round. Natural light filters through vents leading to the beach overhead and more often than not showering beach goers with the sounds of moaning and lust in our elegant facility. There really are no rules for guests wishing to enjoy our natural spring pool under the lounge, though clothing seems to find its way off most guests in no time.

The spring pool itself is led to by a series of stairs in the lounge. While guests can’t see the pool from the lounge, they can certainly hear louder guests. The spring pool is fed by natural jets of volcanic water, rich in minerals and countless natural health benefits. It also naturally filters water out as the new cycles in, keeping the spring perfectly clean at all times, save for a few minutes of cycling out the occasional goo girl.
Through an unholy alliance with the mysterious inn on the other side of time, Girls Only Original is the sister room of The Slave Den. Guests are encouraged to visit The Den for their more BDSM themed desires, though GOO is no stranger to the slave pet relationship. Portals in the antechamber just past the front desk feed a great many places, the basement of an old inn among them on the edge of a dangerous forest.

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1. Everyone is held to the same standard. Moderators and owners are no better than members and guests. We encourage everyone to help us enforce this rule. If there are any issues, bring them up with a moderator or an owner: our doors are open.

2. No males are allowed in Girls Only Original. This includes femboys and cross-dressers. Futanari, shemales, dickgirls, and other such characters are allowed. Female is defined primarily by female mentality, expressed by female pronouns in play. Even hermaphrodite characters must self identify in the feminine. Male pronouns in profiles and play will be considered the response of a male character and will be dealt with accordingly. This means profiles must use feminine pronouns as well. Neutral pronouns are not considered feminine.

3. Multi-character profiles are allowed, though one needs to be clearly specified as the default. Any males found in the profile will not be allowed to appear in the room under any circumstances and failure to comply is cause for being kicked.

4. Girls Only Original has a profile rule. Profiles need to be on your character’s profile page, not a link to an external site. Every profile needs a picture or a clear physical description of your character. Every profile requires some background information on the character. A single paragraph should suffice. That is to say five sentences at least. This rule serves a couple of purposes: One, it gives everyone an idea of who you are to determine if RP with you would be a good fit; and two, it ensures that people who put some thought into the character are who come to the room. Profiles that are all OOC or do not include a character are not accepted. This includes “all smut profiles”.

5.Girls Only Original is a smut friendly room. The premise is a hotel that caters entirely to women and thus is friendly to the yuri crowd. No one is forced to engage in sexual activity and anyone stating that she would not like to participate must be left alone.

6. No room for fetish haters. Publically judging members of the room over sexual preference is not allowed.

7. Do not break up IC interactions with OOC. When the room is quiet, it is completely acceptable to OOC chat but RP takes precedence.

8.Do not bring PM drama to the room. PM based hatred will not be acted upon unless excessive.

9.OOC issues that do not occur within the room will not be handled at all in the room. If drama is brought into the room, our staff will handle it by warning the drama creators and kicking them if necessary.

10. Acts including inciting and instigating argument over character, roleplay, and subjects chosen solely with the intent of trolling will not be tolerated. Further, characters created with the sole intent of acting in a manner consistent with the above will not be tolerated. Warnings will be issued initially along with a possible kick. Further behavior after warnings will result in a ban.

11. There are two words in the English language that have no place in our chat. One is the racial slur denoted as the n-word and one is the homophobic slur known as the f-word. Use of either will result in a kick. A second use may well result in a ban. There is no room for homophobic slurs in a room that encourages all sexualities. There is no room for the most hateful racial slur to Americans in a room frequented by Americans.

12. Don't be disruptive. It's easy, but don't mess up anyone else's fun. Don't spearhead other RP. Don't use glitch text that spills into anyone else's message or any other weird and different texts other than the types provided by RPH. That is to say color of text, strikethrough, underline, italic, bold, superscript, or subscript only. That's it. Don't affect anyone else's ability to have fun.

13. Shya: Fix the rules plz.
Still means something.