The land of many tales


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Rules, guidlines, and information


1. No Drama (Exp: Trolling, Bitching)

2. Be polite (Exp: " I don't like Her/Him")

3. Keep OOC Issues to Pm 

4. This is a turn base Rp

5. No Smut (Some people find it Distasteful, So keep it pm.)

6. No selective rp (You're in a room with others. Acknowledge all.)
7. Everything can be solved in a Mature manner


A bit about the room: You can associate this room with a Dungeons & Dragons feel, where the players shape what happens. The plots will be focused around your characters and their actions. I believe in the notion of action equals consequence, so if your character does something be ready to face the aftermath! Otherwise the main goal is for all to have fun, if  you have doubts or have an idea for a plot feel free to contact me on 'Rudii'


General plot:

Astoria is the name of this world, set in a medieval time where many species flourish and wither, wars are a common thing in this plane. Blood thirsty demons rampaged the fields, growing bolder each day. Humans, that control most of the surface united with the winged creatures of the north to push these beasts down. The climax of this battle was held in the south which is commonly know as the 'Ring of Fire', what was once part of the main continent is now a group of islands, scattered along the sea, forever burning and ruined. This is where the demons tend to make their way out of the under realm and into the surface, their only purpose is run amok and cause chaos. The West, is composted mostly by fertile plains and old mountain chains, it's provinces divided by four kings that despite disliking each other are in peace. The grand forest as it is called by most lays further east, where this continent connect's with it's neighbor.(This will be updated as more about the world is found.)


This is the Story thus far:

Few demons attempt to cross to the surface alone, fearing another defeat at human's and the reclusive winged creatures hand. Most of them that dare are, arrogant beasts or the opposite, foolish mindless monsters with a wish for death. The more powerful rulers of the underworld prefer to remain within their realm for chaos runs rampant in most of it, however, there was one that decided he was powerful enough to challenge the humans, Balroth and as he would be later know due to his weapon of choice. Balroth, The Butcher. This brutish fiend made his way to the kingdoms of the west and has already laid siege to two human villages making it's king place a bounty on his head.


This however did not bid well for the monster as a group of strange people were among those seeking the reward. These men and women engaged the demon in a brutal fight, they had the numbers and strength but the creature refused to give up, many mercenaries died to his rage but the longer the batle lasted, the weaker he got. Until his end came at the hand of  Dakkar Dragontis that with the help of the masked man Rudii, managed to slay the demon, ending his indiscrimate killing. 

This would not go unoticed as many looked not only at the two but the others that helped as well with great admiration, even the king would get wind of their valiant effort in getting his land rid of Balroth, The Butcher.


King Verentis, one of the four mighty rulers of the west summoned these noble men that helped defeat the scorge that devasted the countryside. Upon arrival Verentis offered them a great feast and a place to stay for as long as they remained in the capital, the great city of Belsinthia. This of course was not however without a cost, as he as asked of them to do something for him. Something that might change the entire West region, one of the men which the king asked for help decided to disrespect him without a good reason. Verentis, asked time and time again for this person to stay quiet, Ling, a princess of the East disobeyed and kings are prideful men. He could not tolerate to be insulted in public after all if he can't control one little girl how can he take care of thousands? He demanded her tongue for her unforgivable behavior, the princess, decided to do it herself. Using her own sword cleanly slice her tongue but, her disrespect did not end there as she tossed it towards the king, soiling his table with her blood as it gushed from her mouth and, even as the king had said he would show mercy if only she would come with him, she refused. Standing her ground and challenging Verentis. He had no other choice but to end her. His loyal guards effortlessly dispatched of the princess by impaling her with their hallberds from multiple sides.


Early afternoon in the city of Crusix a fire began, it quickly began to spread and without manpower it would soon grow out of control, consuming not only the entire neighborhood  but many lives as well. The ruler of Crusix wasn't one to watch his people die and thus dispatched most of his guards to go aid the townsfolk, this left him with a very low number of knights. His kindness would ultimately prove to be his downfall as a group of assassins hired to finish with his life would use this chacne to enter the castle, removing the few remaining knights out of the way and arriving upon the king.

Old and weak, he accept his fate, asking just one simple king to his soon to be killer. That he would take the children out of the kingdom,  for he knew that leaving them here would only make them hostages and he could not gamble with the fate of his sons. Before pushing a blade through his heart, the murderer accepted this request.


It only took a single day for Verentis army to surround the kingless city, the ruler of the nearby kingdom of Belsinthia had everything planned. He had bribed the captain of the eastern gate. A single diplomat had been sent to try to negotiate with the invading King, however an arrow flew across the sky, but this arrow did not come from the enemy but from his own comrade blinded by money. The gates lifted and the knights marched in, unopposed the city was easily taken when the panic of confusion not only from the previous night's fire but from the sudden death of the king had everyone's will to fight crushed. They could do nothing but watch as Verentis conquered their home.





side plot:

A unlikely band of adventuers form an alliance of sorts, having the mutual goal of slaying the demon, these people group up for better odds of survival. Although not all where here for the same reason they now had a common reach. Rudii, gaining interest on Naru after witnessing his strength and hearing the words he uttered. He now had to find out what secrets the man kept.


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News Feed


After the demon's defeat rumors of a heroic man wearing a red bandana spread across the western provinces. Strong as a bull, courageous as a lion. He has learned the nickname of 'The berserker'

Along with him another has recieved a name, the man wearing an ominous mask with a never fading smile. 'The collector' is what he is being called.