Welcome to The Jailbait! A strange little place where loli and shota characters. Ageplay is a big theme here, but not necessary. First off, before we get to the big, thick meat of things... Rules. Rules are important.


• Please respect the characters and players in the room. Ageplay is a kink. We do not actually condone pedophilia in this room! That is gross! This is for roleplay, so please don't bring the real subject in here!

• As with any smut oriented room. Please do not kink shame, that's rude and uncalled for.

• Profiles MUST be filled out, otherwise you will be kicked.

• In regards to the ageplay, there IS a limit. It would be MUCH preferred if your character is somewhat older, however we won't allow toddlercon here. We want our characters to at least be aware of what is going on. The lowest age that won't bring too much trouble is 10 for the character, please.

• As this is an Ageplay oriented room, we still follow the site's rules. The PLAYER must be at LEAST 18. Please follow this carefully! We aren't here to break the site rules or the LAW.

• If you do not follow these rules, then you will be kicked from the room, or even BANNED; bans may or may not be permanent. Repeals are a possibility.

• Room RP is important, and we like it. However, please show a level of writing prowess. One-line RP will easily blend into any OOC in the room, and as a result, will not be policed. Do not get upset and demand the OOC be shut down for your one-line RPs. If this is an issue, you're welcome to take it to PMs.

• The rules will be revised and worked on. This is just a short list for now while I get the room set up!


-- Momoka~♥

About The Jailbait!


A quiet, hushed place, known to many... Not quite acknowledge in the open. The Jailbait is a gathering for young boys and girls to get together and experiment their sexual cravings, and for those who desire the younger partner to indulge themselves. Be it parents, siblings, teachers, or even law enforcement.


The Jailbait itself looks to be a closed down building from the outside, but inside it is well furnished. There is a stockpile of food and drink that is replenished by many of the regulars so that long stays are available. In this old, refurbished building there are also rooms converted into private places to hide away for the shy. The back rooms also have places for other activities; such as bondage.


Here at The Jailbait, there is no consequence for taking advantage of that young girl or boy. Why not let them touch you in ways they shouldn't?