Welcome to the Digital World



(This is an Original RP, therefore the plot will not be Canon to the Digimon series or games)



The Digital World was created from the minds of two brilliant game designers. Adrianna and Brian Dracoanas. As they were finishing the last touches on their game, the lights went out and a strange metal claw reached towards them, mentioning that they were going to make the being 'whole' again. Though the two had disappeared, the game went into beta testing, though some strange happenings have been going on.


When their daughter arrived in the digital world, she noticed that other human teens were being pulled in as well, instantly meeting up with their partners who called themselves Digimon. An earlier game created was called Digimon Advanced, a holographic battle game where the tamer raises their digimon with watch-like devices in order to battle opponents. It was these digimon that seek out their tamers.


They told them of an old threat that is being reborn in the Digital World. An evil digimon that goes by the name of Kronosmon. When the digital world was just starting to be created, he decided he wanted it for himself. He himself was nearly capable of destroying the whole world, and it took the work of five legendary digimon to put a stop to him. He was nearly destroyed, but a part of him held on. When a certain area of the digital world was created, he began to slowly rebuild his body, and created a new being known as a Shadow Leech. Using these leeches, he infects digimon far and wide, putting them into enraged states and giving them extra weapons to use against their friends and family. 


Though digimon have tried hard to remove the leeches, their attacks only bounce off. It's only with the help of the tamers D-Watches that they're able to destroy the leeches completely. Digimon and tamer must work together to defeat this threat. Do you have what it takes to save the Digital World from the evil forces rising within?





1. OC's only, please! Canon characters won't work well with the original plot, unfortunately.

2. No overpowered Digimon. Even if you have a badass digimon such as Wargreymon, Gallantmon, etc, you must not go overboard with their abilities and powers. All digimon have their limits!

3. Demon Lords may not be used in a digivolution line. I have future plans for those digimon.

4. No one-liners please! I know that sometimes posts can be difficult to make for dialogue or action, but I would prefer if a small paragraph (Even if it's a couple of sentences) is made. No asterisks please!

5. Your digimon must be at the same level of digivolution as others (unless you come in later and wish for your digimon to digivolve into the next form a certain way). Unless you have permisison, your digimon can not be levels above others.

6. No Smut in the chatroom! Light romance is fine, but once things get a bit touchy feely, take it to PMs, please!

7. The most important rule, have fun!