Marvel-Verse Welcome Center
-Cue automated female voice-
I am C.A.T.E. (Cybernetically Advanced Training Emulator).  I will be your guide for the duration of the tour.  First, I welcome you to our group facility.  We hope that after you have read about us and met some of our players, that you will decide to join our Rag-Tag family.  Our goal is to give people the opportunity to role-play with other Marvel characters in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

We pride ourselves on hospitality (With the exception of trolls and ne'er do wells) and offering a little Safe Haven from the every day stresses of work, school, and life in general.

That being said, however...
If you will direct your eyes to the left of the page. 
No, your other left. 
Yes.  There you will see the Rules of the Road.  This is a comprehesive list of ways that you and other fellow members can help this remain a pleasant and welcoming place.  Please read over them and if you still have questions, feel free to ask any available mod.
Speaking of Mods, Just above the rules is our Mod List.  They will go out of their way to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
If you look to your right, you will notice a slight change in our cast. 
That is Mr. Quill.  He is the new owner of this wonderful group and has the final say in many, if not all decisions.
Below, you will find two sections.  One atop the other.  These are no less important than the other sections.
The first section is Setting(s).
This refers to the territories, areas, and time period in which we are playing. 
Though we are prodimately 616, other universes are welcome as long as they are able to fit within the idea of the 616 universe.
The next section is the Current and Future Plots area.
This one is especially important as it will include our current plots and plot updates, as well as plots for the near and far future.
Please feel free to submit any plot ideas to Peter J. Quill or, if he is not available, one of the other mods, who will then deliver the idea to him.
Don't be discouraged if your idea is rejected as it gives you the opportunity to strive harder for something that will no doubt be amazing.
This concludes our tour.  Thank you for attending and I do hope that you will make the decision to join us!"
Rules of the Road
- Marvel canons/OC's preferred.
- No overpowered OC's.
- No anime characters/Pictures.  Real Face Claims and/or Comic images only.
- This is a role-play focused group.  Please respect that.
- When role-play is in session, please keep OOC at a minimum.(Or take it to PMs)
- Mingling IC and OOC is not accepted.  Do not take OOC issues with a player IC.  We can tell when you do.
- We are all adults and thus, adult situations will take place.  However, extreme situations of sexual content needs to be taken to a private message.
-When you come into the room, assume that everyone in IC.  If you want to talk OOC, please use brackets or take private coversations to PMs.
- If  you don't like a particular character or player, there is no need to announce "Another Deadpool/Spider-Man/etc" to ignore."  This is a childish and petty act and you will immediately be kicked.  Be an adult and bitch to your friends in PM.
- I don't care who you are.  Everyone with a pulse is a catty bitch sometimes.  EVERYONE.  Just be a catty bitch in PMs to people who actually care.  It keeps drama out of the room and you get to appear witty in front of those who know you.
- The sexuality of your characters will not be judged.  As long as you don't lose the character in the process.
- Everyone has a bad day.  Don't push the buttons of those who are in one.
- We come here as an escape from the daily drivel of life.  We are here to have fun and forget our woes.
- Arguments need to be taken to a private message and handled between the two parties if possible.  If no solution can be reached, please speak to an available mod.
- All issues will be discussed between the mods, but Peter will have the final say.
- Please refrain from advertising your other groups in the room unless you've received permission from a mod.
- We all love Deadpool, but sometimes the Deadpool players get out of hand.  Please keep the antics to a dull roar.
- Doubles and such are welcome within reason.  We are a first come, first served establishment.  EX:  An Iron Man who has been around for months will have senority over one that was just made yesterday.
- Be respectful of one another.
- We will try and not take jokes too seriously, but trolling is still trolling.
- For an infraction you will be warned twice.  Think Baseball.  Three strikes, you're out.
- Most importantly... in the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln
"BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER"                    NOTE* We want people to feel comfortable in this group/room. To have a place they feel welcome and not trolled or preyed upon. That being said, we too have limits on patience.

So, if someone can't play well with the other kids, they will be kicked from the playground and lose recess privileges.


The setting is pretty much 616 specific. However, we will not discriminate those who can work their character into the universe. Both white and black Nick Fury are more than welcome to join! We will have extra rooms which will pop up from time to time for specific side plots as well as when one group is not necessarily involved in an ongoing plot, OR just so we can have the agents or guardians, or what have you, be in their own area.




Main Area/Marvel-Verse room:  Run By All mods

Members:  All

Set-up:  Known to many as the Galaxy Cantina; it is now run by Peter Quill.  The  Club is is located on Terra/Misgard/Earth/Whatever, yet carries a large selection of interstellar beverages (Both alcholic and non) as well as human beverages.  


The main floor you enter is the bar/club area.  The floors are made of a space age material that is still reminiscent of the 1980's as it consists of clear tiles that light up as you step on them.  There is plenty of seating as well as a juke box and a 15 ft bar, ready to serve even the largest of patrons.  An array of beverages align the wall behind the bar up to the ceiling just above the mirror.


The Basement is the War Room.   This is our gaming room.  It has many video games (young and old), pool tables, air hockey, foozeball, and even pinball machines.  The entire right side of the arcade is dedicaded to Star-Lord's Galactic Laser Tag Adventure.  The inside of this room is black as pitch with stars all about you and interesting creatures around every corner.  Designed by our co-owner Peter Quill, it is as close to space as you can get without leaving the safety of Terra.  At Mr. Quill's request, stripe cards are not used, instead you may buy tokens at the bar, or at designated kiosks through out the game room.


The upper two floors are apartments which can only be accessed by residents or people whom know the passcode.  Each apartment has 1-2 bedrooms with full baths, a kitchenette as well as a quaint living area.  There is a main meeting area at the very end of the hall for gatherings and get togethers.  All the floors and walls are virtually sound proof, so the music below does not bleed upward as well as any stomping or other noises will not bleed downward.  These apartments are reasonably priced and kept up by management.


Avengers:  Run By _____

Room:  Stark Tower


Anthony Stark, Steven Rogers, Clint Barton, Natalia Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Thor

Set-Up:  Usually Stark Tower


Guardians of the Galaxy: Run by Peter J. Quill

Room:  GotG

Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax, Frankie Raye, Nebula, Ronan

Set-Up:  Either within the Milano, or somewhere in space.  All space storylines will be done here.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters: Run by Phil Coulson



Nick Fury, Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, Skye, Ward, May, Hill



Xavier's Mansion: Run by ______

Xavier's School


Mutant Students and faculty


The Brotherhood: Run by______

Room:  Erik's Home



New York: Run by Spectacular Spider Man


Gwen Stacy. Jennifer Walters,


New York Underground: Run by Frank Castle

Room:  The Warehouse


Frak Castle, Neena Thurman, Wade Wilson


Nightstalkers:  Run by

Room:  Nightstalkers HQ


Blade, Hannibal King


Freelance:  Run by:





These are just examples. If you have other location suggestions, please let us know!

Current and Future Plots
- Looking for the cast for this Plot -

X-Men: Blood of the Children

credit to splott at rp_tutorials