The plot takes place years after the fall of shadow fang wolf pack. After the growing population of Lycanthropes around the world, various governments began taking steps in effectively removing the “threat” the Lycans possessed. A secret task force known as the Jäger's were created to hunt down and eliminate the several packs of Lycanthropes that had managed to form over the years. Although many of these packs fought hard and proved difficult for the Jäger's to take down, the packs ultimately perished as members were either killed or where forced to go into hiding. The few wolves that are alive are forced to live in fear, being hunted down like vermin by their own prey. Although all Lycans are on the run, a small pack of wolves calling themselves Broken Refuge has not only made it their mission to survive, but to take revenge on those who have taken things away from them.


As far as ranks go, there are only three. Alpha, beta, and omega. Ranks do not hold any real value within the rp. It's more so for room maintenance.

Alpha=Group owner. Their word is still basically law here since they own the room.

Beta=Moderators. In charge when owner is not around and help maintain the room.

Omega=everyone else. General room members basically



Room Rules

No Ooc Drama: We get there will be drama in the roleplay, but it's meant only in the roleplay. Any other drama that has nothing to do with IC circumstances will not be tolerated


Ooc vs Ic: If you can't tell the difference between ooc and ic and can't distinguish what goes on between the two, you don't need to be here


Other Packs: While in character and in the roleplay, there will be no interaction with any other pack rooms. They are basically in a separate univer, dimension, whatever you want to call it. Bottom line, they do not exist, nor will they ever exist in this rp


Be respectful: There are different people with different beliefs and opinions here. If you are unable to respect others and their thoughts, then leave immediately or you will be forcibly removed


Roleplay: This roleplay is designed to be challenging and violent. There will be gore, death, blood, violence,cursing, etc. Therefore, no children or pups will be allowed in. Minimum age is 18, anything under will not be permitted to join.


Death: This roleplay will be based on realistic elements. It is unrealistic to ask permission for a character to die. Therefore, if you die, you die regardless of if you agree or not. No exceptions. Death is death, no revivals. With that, no deaths back to back. that takes away the excitement. **If you die, you are allowed to make a new character and re-join the rp**


Punishments: Two strikes are all you get. 1rst offense/break of rules equals a warning. 2nd offense results in immediate removal


God modding: NO ALLOWED EVER. Any and all god modders will be removed without warning


Participation: There will be a test of sorts in order to join. Participation is key for the rp will not stop for you. Absence without prior warning after (insert time frame here) will result in removal from rp


NO SMUT ALLOWED: self explanatory


Paraa RP is recommended



Acceptable character criteria

1. No were forms, only human and wolf


2. Size is of normal wolf


3. No magic, or mystical abilities


4. Anything can kill or wound you. You are susceptible to illness, infection, disease, poison, bleeding out, mortal wounds, starvation, dehydration, weakness. In that, wolfsbane does not exist and holds no value and silver has absolutely no mythical effect on wolves


5. Fast healing only applies to small wounds and cuts. Large and or fatal wounds will not fast heal


6. Be realistic here. No one is fast enough to dodge a bullet, no one is strong enough to crack a boulder or break a tree. No one is above the size of a normal wolf, and humans need to be reasonable height. 7ft tall humans are unrealistic and not allowed. Hunts will not always be successful and you will grow weak from hunger and wounds


7. Wolves only. No wolves mixed with anything. No hybrids. Only pure born werewolf or a turned werewolf are allowed


8.No children allowed, as well as no pregnancies. Several of us do not agree with mothers and children attacked in the ways that will be implemented within the rp. Therefore it is mandatory to follow the age limit of characters.


9. Characters can mate, but only allowed to be with ONE and only that ONE mate. No changing, and must be brought up with the owner or mods to ensure no mate drama gets out of hand.


10. Realist pictures only, no anime, no cartoon


11. Modern time period which means weapons and technology is what is found today. Example, guns. Amd no, nothing futuristic like laser guns and teleporters