Welcome to The Silver Bottle!

This is an adult establishment, no children allowed.

 Being the magical Inn that hovers through space in time, there is no shortage of

people that can find the place. Often times popping up for a person in need

weary on their travels. The inn takes on an appearance old in time and homey to the newcomers it welcomes.




Lower/main level 

Walking in, you see the wooden tables bringing you back in time with their handmade carved and stained wood.

Stone walls and wooden bones of the building showing how aged and sturdy the home is.

Complete with the fully stocked bar on the right as well as kitchen and bathrooms.

If you walk to the left it's a nicely furnished sitting area with fireplace to warm your toes after a cold night.




 Upper/Inn level. 

If you are looking for a place to crash, Rista has a few rooms available. 

Four rooms total to rent out with a laundry room in the hallway if you need fresh clothes.

The rooms are done with modern updates, taking you a little further into the future than downstairs.

Each bed is queen sized with fluffy feather bed mattresses and pillows for maximum comfort.

Thermostats in the room let you control your own temperature.

Modern televisions are provided with DVD players and a selection of movies. 

There is also a small  standing balcony off each room, the only rule is the doors must be closed once the fog

rolls in at 4pm and can't be reopened until 6pm when it clears.

Being outside the building when it jumps will result in you being left behind.