Grace Haven



Dashiel Axler-Sheeran

Drake Vaughan


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Be polite. Be respectful to everyone.
Owners and mods especially. Everything can be solved in a mature manner. 

Absolutely No Drama.; keep OOC issues to PM. 

If an owner/mod ask you to do something, please listen as they have final say on all matters. 

Joke/troll profiles are not tolerated.
One warning and then a ban. 

No soliciting sex in chat OR PM. 

No homophobic, racial, or sexist criticizing, and especially no critiquing of other's RP style. It is not condoned. 

No Smut in the main room, keep that to pm. 

No selective RP (If you are in a room with others. Acknowledge them if they acknowledge you. 

If there are any issues or complaints or problems feel free to contact one of the room owners or moderators for assistance. They will be happy to help no matter how big or small it is.

 No anime pictures in your profiles, real pictures/face claims only.

 If you do not follow all rules that have been set in place the owners and mods will kick you three times before banning you from the group all together.


Grace Haven Lagoon is an old-time tavern set besides the Oak Thicket Park on Lake Fayette, surrounded by the natural beauty of the water, the forests and the wildlife that dwells there., who people stay from miles away just to get a glimpse of.


It is owned by Dashiel and managed by both him and his partner, Drake, who run and work in the establishment doing a little of this and a little of that to make the place run, something they've done rather sucessfully thus far. 

The bar is fully stocked with various wines, liquors, soft drinks, cocktails and other goodies, and the kitchens are full and ready to cook fabulous meals for the in-house restaurant that caters to just about any need.


In the upstairs level, there are bedrooms with en-suit bathrooms for the weary traveller, or even families to rest their heads - be they human or otherwise..