What's this group about?
This group is basically Supernatural. It's picking up after Season 9 and veering in our own direction.

Are original characters allowed in the group?
Yes, but please take the canon limitations into consideration. Otherwise the verse is very open world, so feel free to use any race, religion, gender, ect that you like.

How will I fit into the plot(s)?
We will work you in. Our plot is very flexible and can be taken anywhere. What we control is the overall plot that includes every character. But your character, original or canon, will be given a proper introduction, and the rest is up to you to decide what to do with your character.


Can I play my character however I want?
Yes, of course. Our only requirement is that the character is to actually blend into the Supernatural universe, and you don't god mod the character. Other verses such as Lost Girl, Grimm, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and movie characters such as I Frankenstein, Underworld, and Van Helsing are also acceptable upon discussion. Other Edlundverses such as Angel, Being Human, etc tend to be easiest to work in. However, we can work with you to edit a character from another verse to in.


How do I join/integrate my character into the RP?
Think of a way to have your character meet up with the other characters. If the plots don't work for you, we can (gure something else out. The co-owners and mods aren't here to integrate your character for you. We'll talk about it and once it's approved by Gen, then it'll happen.

Room Rules
1. One of the most simple rules of all is to respect yourself and others in general.


2. You need a profile to join the group. No anime profiles. Prior to joining in roleplay, as if may effect the main plot, we ask you talk to a moderator or the owner to join the group.


3. No smut in main chat. Keep it in your pants.


4. No trolling. No harassment. No flaming. No spamming.


5. Grammar is a must. Spelling, not so much because we're only human.


6. Both chat and roleplay are allowed in the room. If writing is going on, respect it. Take ooc chatter to private messages.


7. What does not happen in the room, stays out of the room. - PMs included. Don't post them. Thanks.


8. We're not interested in characters who are 'The bestest evar!' at a field. If you are some Kung Fu master, or Extraordinary Hacker, no.


9. If you are a problem in the room, you will be removed.

1. If your character is to be connected to a canon character, get permission from that canon character first. If the canon character's slot is still open and you can not ask, staff will review the connection.

2. Fusing several above rules, please try to respect ongoing interaction. We all love certain OCs, or certain players, but please don't go out of your way to try to interrupt or rip one specific person out of a scene that removes them from everyone else's interaction. As above, we're happy to talk to you and figure out ways to engage that is inclusive to as many people as possible, and it's unfair to everyone, especially the "most wanted" players, to be getting yanked all over the place and interrupted in every scene they try to do to answer a bunch of self-written damsel-in-distress situations. Sometimes story interrupts things, but these stories should make large-scale potential that everyone can eventually interact in. If you're here to just fan over one person, just PM them for that RP, instead of ripping them out of playing with everyone else. Be considerate of everyone, not just yourself.

1. We don't accept OC Archangels. We do accept any of the seven archangels(Ex. Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel. ), and original angels.


2. Members of the group can have only two canon characters and a limit of three original characters. We have it set up this way to keep a variety of writers coming in.


3. If you make a character and only focus on one person the entire time, and ignore events that should be regarded in roleplay (Death of someone important, major world event, ect), you'll receive a warning from the mods. If you play a canon character, you may have the character taken away. This is because we don't want someone to come in and only focus on a one on one roleplays in the room. If you absolutely only care about one person, roleplay with them in private and leave the canon slot open to someone who can fulfill the role. As for original characters, you may be dismissed so not to lock someone in place, or asked to take your roleplay to private as well.


4. If a character is taken, but not active, feel free to message that person and ask them if they are willing to give up that character. If they refuse and don't write, talk to a mod or one of the owners, and we will review the situation. We may or may not give the character to a new writer if we see it fit. Staff will issue a warning to the character holder, and will only take a character if there isn't a reason for that character being absent, (Sickness, emergency, out of town, ect.). We won't take a character from a writer unless two mods and one of the owners agree to remove said person. The owners may or may not take a character if deemed unfit for writing said character.


Enduring/Long Term: Nephilim
When the angels of the four winds have sired their powerful Nephilim children, all hell may break loose. Or worse. Michael, Gabriel both have children; Lucifer's bun is in the oven. And one more just may be flying under the radar as a potential ticking time bomb


Short Term: Teke Teke
Irvine, California
A series of bizzare and gruesome murders has been brought to the attention of theorists and hunters alike. Claims of stalking and disappearances of young girls who stay out past 6pm, lead those who dare set foot outdoors into the claws of the urban legend, Click-Clack-Slide.


Short Term: The Worm
New Mexico, The Burnt Well Ranch
. Cattle are going missing in the south-eastern part of the state from a popular guest ranch. Ranch hands are giving reports of the cattle simply disappearing, with strange static discharge in the area they were last seen.


Short Term: The Big Top
Edmond Oklahoma, Gandini's Circus 
Just off the busy Kelly Ave in Edmond, OK, lies the ruins of the abandon Gandini’s Circus. Word of mouth however suggests that the desolate site has been active recently. Strange lights and noises have been reported from the area, attracting new visitors. Innocent curiosity however has turned fatal when bizarre accidents began to occur to those brave enough to adventure into the park.

Short Term: The Willow
Hiram, Maine
Coming soon.

Long Term:Project Twilight

Project Twilight is a clandestine division within the New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) Special Operations Bureau, the purpose of which is to plan for, detect, monitor, and mitigate supernatural hazards. It is the only component of the NYPD that employs supernatural creatures.

Established in 2002 in response to a classified federal directive, Project Twilight is headquartered near Midtown’s Herald Square at the decommissioned Killington Armory. The current Bureau Chief is Morgan Stillwell, notorious for his success in breaking the gang culture rampant in the city during the 1980’s.

Twilight performs both patrol and fast-response functions to make the City of New York inhospitable to supernatural aggression. Typical activities include: collection and interpretation of intelligence on the supernatural, especially from live informants; secure transit of supernatural prisoners through the NYPD’s jurisdiction; investigation of crimes judged to have a supernatural dimension; and direct action against hostile supernatural actors. The majority of Project Twilight’s officers are enrolled in the Community Resources Against Supernatural Hazards (CRASH) section, which operates plainclothes “flying squads” that work leads and assist the uniformed NYPD as needed. Project Twilight is also the NYPD’s primary tie-in to federal agencies with similar missions, including supernatural task forces within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency.