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Right now, or really at any time, the bar can either be a self-service sort of deal, or there's always the option of people applying for the position of being an actual bartender for the room.

01. Clupos.


Alright, so besides from the obvious lounging area, there are some rooms upstairs that are available at anytime for use by any customers.

Inside the room, there is basically anything could ever want to be. The color scheme goes along a black, and red, classy-like one. Though, rooms at the Guilty Pleasure are necessarily just for any sort of lewd business. There are some for simply talking in private for one another. But, of course there will be ones for those that don't like to participate in sexual activities where other people can see them. There are a large variety that people can choose from; ones that go from just having a bed, all the way to ones that have all sorts of bondage devices; whips, handcuffs, and all of that happy stuff.

Just remember to clean before you leave.


Within the lounging area, there is an abundance of amount of possible activies for customers to to place in. There are cushions, and furniture everywhere in that part of the establishment. Meaning, that people can just have simply conversations with each other, or perhaps just watch a game with their friends. And, then of course there is the obvious carnal pastime they can do, which they are certainly encouraged to, if they're brave enough.

In the parlor, it is also the location of the bar; having itself present in the very back of the room, decorated with nothing but drinks; both that of the alcohol-like, and just the generic ones such as soda, or even as simple as water.


On the outside of the Guilty Pleasure, the front of the establishment looks a bit more fancy than any other building that is settled down near it. It retains a design like this, though it's not that small. It extends a bit more further down then it appears so in the image. There are two entrances to it; the one show in the photo, and one down a bit more further than that. Present next to the secondary passage, is a portal. It's matters are to allow accessiblity to those that aren't exactly from anywhere near the establishment. It was purposely built next to that mythical gateway to allow such beings entrance into the Guilty Pleasure, since anyone is allowed to be present within it, as long as they don't cause any problems.

nside the building, the first thing that is generally seen, is the bar, since it is in a relative position to each of the entrances. Then, throughout the entire rest of the building, it has a simliar scheme of this; keeping a relatively identical layout.


Okay, so here comes the serious section.

01. Just going to say this now; absolutely no trolling. I shouldn't need to go into any detail upon that.
02. Yes, smut is absolutely permitted within the room. But, there are limits to it, due to not everyone having the same kinks. Those being, scat, watersports, and vore; anything like that, in other words.
03. Since this is a bar, there is obviously going to be barfights, and everything; I'm not going to restrict them. But, there is to be no god-modding whatsoever. Any, and all god-modders will get a warning, and then a ban. If there is any sort of it when there is no moderator in the room, take a screenshot and show it to a moderator.
04. OoC =/= IC; this meaning that characters can be ignorant within roleplay, but when it comes to OoC conversation, there is not to be any. OoC fights will result in the two being warned, and eventually kicked if it proceeds.
05. If you end up being kicked/banned, don't argue, because that will only dig your hole deeper.
06. Within the act of roleplaying, if you are denied for any sort of action, be respectful and move on to someone else.